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Ms. Brenda Diehl

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BsA Chemistry/Music
SPED/Biology/Earth Science







    7th grade Science syllabus 2019-2020
    Ms. Brenda Diehl
    Branson Junior High
    417-334-3087 ext 402 

    The seventh grade science curriculum is earth science. The class will include vocabulary, lab activities, projects and tests and quizzes. I am a hands on teacher who likes students to be able to learn through doing and creating along with memorization and note taking. 

    Students must bring materials needed for class. Bring your binder and writing utensil. Unless stated otherwise, homework is due at the beginning of class, it will be done in your a Science section of notebook and checked while you are working on the bell work which will be given at the beginning of each class period. Have your homework open and placed on the corner of your desk when you enter. 

    Grading will be divided into 3 categories with various percentages on a weighted scale.  
           Concept Mastery 40%
           Concept Check ups 30%
           Quizzes and Homework 30%
    The following is an outline of the concepts we will be studying:
       How Things Move
       Earthś Processes
       Moon Sun Earth 
       Computer Coding
       Earthś Atmosphere


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