Seven Habits of Happy Kids
    In Room 311 we practice the "Seven Habits of HappyKids." This structure is an inspiring model for teaching personalleadership to all ages. Below is a list of the seven habits and a link to learnmore about inspiring greatness in children. Sean Covey's Seven Habits


    7 habits


    Habit #1:  Be Proactive :  The Habit of Choice

    Habit #2:  Begin With the End in Mind:  the Habit of Vision

    Habit #3:  Put First Things First:  The Habit of Integrity and Execution

    Habit #4:  Think Win-Win:  The Habit of Mutual Benefit

    Habit #5:  Seek First to Understand, Then to beUnderstood:  The Habit of MutualUnderstanding

    Habit #6:  Synergize:  TheHabit of Creative Cooperation

    Habit #7:  Sharpen the Saw:  The Habit of Renewal