• Parents,
    I have included a few helpful resources for you. I hope you find them useful. 
    *See all the fun things happening in our room! Get on Facebook and like our class Facebook page!
    *Check out this page to take a look at the Missouri Learning Standards. We use these standards to create our 2nd Grade Quarterly Curriculum Guides.
    *Log in to the Branson School District Parent Portal to keep up with grades, attendance, and other needs you may have. 
    *Our Branson School District Literacy page has numerous resources. On this page you will find our Quarterly Curriculum Guides, Reading and Writing Rubrics that we use for grade cards, and other helpful resources. 
    *For math we use our Topic tests in Envision and keep a record of questions missed. These are the math standards rubrics we use each quarter to determine your child's profiency for grade cards.
    *This year your child will be participating in several different Emints classroom activities. I have gone through Emints district training, and this page will give you more information about what exactly Emints is. 
    *Reading is a very crucial part of your child's academic success. Read this information below to find out how to help your child become a better reader. 
    *Math is also a very important life skill.  Our district uses Envision math series. The information below will explain different math ready skills your child will need to know to be better at math and successful in 2nd grade. I've also included skills they will need for 3rd grade so that you can be working on those as well.