• Syllabus for Mrs. Carlin’s Pirates


     Course Description :

    Seventh grade English and Reading class encompass the study of skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students will develop comprehension and communication skills.

    • 7th Grade Reading Students will develop reading strategies that they will be required to apply during independent and classroom reading.

    • 7th Grade English students will use the writing process to communicate effectively and efficiently.


    Student Expectations:

    In addition to all rules and regulations outlined in the student handbook and student code of conduct, I wish to add the following:

    1.  Display common courtesy and decency toward your classmates, yourself, and me.

    2.  Do not sleep or put your head down on your desk.

    3.  Food and drink will not be allowed in the classroom.

    4.  Students are not to make derogatory or negative comments about any other teacher or student.

    5.  Bring all needed supplies to class every day. These include: notebook paper, a pen, and your planner.

    6.  Students are expected to work cooperatively in groups.

    7.  Stay in your desk at the end of class until I dismiss you.




    Cheating shall be defined as giving or receiving information on a test or submitting duplicate work for outside assignments. Using technology (e.g., computer, Internet, cell phone, PDA, or calculator) to cheat or copy the work of another is prohibited. The penalty for a student found guilty of cheating is a grade of zero for the test or assignment. Plagiarism consists of using another person’s ideas or writing as one’s own. Plagiarism is a form of cheating and the penalty shall be a ZERO on the assignment. Students caught cheating will be referred to their respective assistant principal for disciplinary action.


    Report Cards:

    Report cards are sent home at the end of each grading period. If a parent or guardian has a question about the student's grade, please contact me by telephone or e-mail. My extension is 3104. A parent conference may be arranged, if necessary.