Branson Jr. High Library Media Center Policies and Procedures

    Checkout Guidelines: Students are allowed to check out two books at a time. Checkout period for an item is three weeks (28 days). Students are responsible for returning their own checked out items to the Library. If a book is not returned, a late notice will be given to their English or Reading teacher. On occasion some students may have their accounts “frozen” for a short time. This will be on a case by case basis.


    Behavior Guidelines: The Library Media Center is an extension of the classroom, therefore, classroom rules and procedures are applicable in the Library Media Center setting. Students will treat others with respect and use their time wisely. A student will be allowed Library privileges as long as they follow these guidelines. A student may be sent back to their class or lose privileges if they are disruptive to the Library Media Center environment.


    Usage Guidelines: Students may use the Library Media Center before and after school without teacher permission. On most occasions, students will use the Library Media Center when their class is scheduled to be in the Library Media Center during a specific hour. A student may only come to the Library Media Center from an unscheduled class with teacher permission and a pass in their Student Planner.


    Expectation Guidelines: Students are expected to treat the Library Media Center as a learning environment. The Library Media Specialist will assist students in obtaining the needed materials for both academic and personal reading pursuits. Students are expected to take the lead in the final decision making but the Library Media Specialist will be available for guidance and questions.


    Book Promotions: There will be a yearlong promotion (August-February) of the Truman Readers Award nominated books for that current school year. Students will be introduced to all of the nominated books through the use of videos, activities, and book talks. While students are highly encouraged to read the books on the nominated list they may choose to not read them. Students who do succeed in reading four of the nominated books and complete the necessary conference form will be invited to a voting party in the Spring.


    Curriculum Support: The Library Media Center will provide resources to support students and educators in all curricular areas. These resources may be in print or digital form. The Library Media Specialist will reserve resources upon request for project based learning in any curricular subject.


    Your Library Media Specialist Mission: The mission of your Library Media specialist is to support and enhance the education of all Branson Jr. High Students while preparing them for the future and instilling a lifetime love for literacy.