• 2015-2016 American History Syllabus

    Mr. Tyler McNealy
                                                                                                               (Co-Teacher Mrs. Felisa Lampe)  

    Branson Junior High School Room 107


     American History is a required course of all seventh grade students. This class will start with the study of the earliest Americans and continue through the colonization of America and end around the year 1820 with the presidency of Andrew Jackson. Whenever possible, we will do reading from primary source documents such as letters, diaries, and journals.  It is the “people” who make history, and studying these people makes history come to life. We will also do short studies on the geography of America as well. We will be covering four units this year they break down as follows:

    Unit 1- Our Colonial Heritage: How was America discovered and what was life like in the first American Colonies?

    Unit 2- Revolution in the Colonies: Why and how did America gain its independence?

    Unit 3- Forming a New Nation: How was the constitution created and how has the constitution created a “More Perfect Union”?

    Unit 4- Launching a New Republic: What political and foreign developments were made in the early  1800’s and what was life like for the people of that time?

         There will be a lot of group work during class.  You will be grouped in pairs, threes, and fours, depending on what we are doing.  It is important that you stay focused on the task and avoid useless chit-chat.  Class work will could factor into your grade, but is mainly designed for you to practice and review what you have learned.

         Grades will be determined based on scores for assignments, maps, tests, and quizzes, with tests accounting for the vast majority of the grade. The grade breakdown will be 90% and above being an A, 80% being a B, 70% a C, 60% a D. Anything below 60% will be a failing grade.

    Students scoring below 75% on a test will have the option of re-taking the test on a scheduled day before or after school.  A student doing a re-take will see the low score and the higher averaged together. Students wishing to do a re-take must follow these steps. 1.)  Submit a chapter/unit review and a plan of study to Mr. McNealy showing how the student plans on improving his/her performance.  2.)  Follow through on the study plan and arrange a time to do the re-take then SHOW UP FOR THE RETAKE!!!

    Re-takes are subject to Mr. McNealy’s discretion. Students who make a habit of failing tests and wanting re-takes can be turned down.

     Rules: Be ready, respectful, and responsible. BE CIVIL!!!

    Student supplies: Pen/Pencils, Spiral Notebook, Three packages of note cards.

     The teacher promises to be fair and equal, and will do everything within his power to make the class interesting and enjoyable. He also will do everything within his power to help you succeed and learn, but you must also be willing to do your part.