Instructor: Ms. Beverly Lowry                             School Phone: 334-3087 (ext. 3101)
    Room: 313                                                          Home Phone: 334-2042
    Plan Period: 7:40-8:34 a.m.(1st Hour)                 Email: lowryb@branson.k12.mo.us

    Course Goals - The purpose of this course is to provide students with an understanding and appreciation of major historical events, places and people in American history. The importance of past events and the relationship they have with present events will be examined and discussed. Current events and issues in the news will be discussed on a weekly basis.

    Textbook and Resources: History Alive! The United States Through Industrialism, Next-Text Historical Readers, World Atlas & U.S. History Atlas, and Interactive Student Notebook – every student will need a large paper notebook for daily work; Current Events will be studied using newspapers, the Internet, Junior Scholastic Magazines, and other sources.

    Classroom Behavior - Students are expected to be courteous to and of their classmates and their teacher. Students are to be on time and prepared each and every day. This means you need to have your homework, sharpened pencils, paper and binder ready when the bell rings! Students will be considered tardy if not in his/her seat and quiet when the tardy bell rings. Please take care of books, desks, and all other items in the room. No candy, food or drinks are allowed. The room must be clean and neat with books, desks and any materials used in class in their proper place before class will be dismissed. Please remain seated until the bell rings. I will dismiss you properly.

    Expectations - Be Responsible,  Be Respectful,   Be Honest,  Be Considerate,  Be Kind,   Be Your Best!

    Homework Policy - Assignments are due at the beginning of the hour on the due date. Work needs to be neat and legible. If absent, it is the student’s responsibility to call the homework hotline or check for make-up assignments when they return to class. If a student has a pre-arranged absence, assignments will be given early and are expected to be completed and turned in before or immediately after the absentee date. I will not remind each student of make-up assignments, it will be your responsibility to get them.

    Discipline Policy - Students are expected to follow all classroom and school rules….Follow the Pirate Code – “Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Responsible”!!! Upon breaking a rule or causing any class disruption, I will discuss the problem with you, the student. If the situation continues, I will call for parent involvement/suggestions. If the situation cannot be resolved, I will request help from the principal.

    Evaluation - The grading scale utilized will be the same as in the student handbook. I use Total Points accumulated to determine your grade.