• January 27 - January 31
    We will continue with Envision Topic 7.  Quiz on Friday.
    January 20 - Janyary 24
    This week we are starting Topic 7 Polynomials and Factoring.  We will have a quiz on Friday.
    January 7 - January 10
    Tuesday we will share what we did over break.  Then review what we did right before break.
    Wednesday - Thursday:  We will continue with Envision Topic 6.  Test next week.
    December 16 - December 20
    Winter NWEA testing this week.
    December 9 - December 13
    This week we are concentrating of solving equations using the exponent properties.  We will have a quiz on Friday.
    December 2 - December 6
    This week we will concentrate on negative exponents and radical expressions.  There will be a quiz on Friday.
    November 25 and 26
    Monday: Intro to negative exponents.  Worksheet due Tuesday.
    Tuesday:  Working with exponents.  No homework.  Happy Thanksgiving!
    November 18 - November 22
    Test on Monday over Envision Topic 4.
    Tuesday we will start a new topic the Exponential  Function.
    November 11 - November 15
    This week we are working with word problems and inequalities.
    November 4 - November 7
    This week we are solving sysytems by subtsituting and eliminating.  We will take a quiz on Thursday.
    October 28 - November 1.
    Monday test over Topic 3.  Tuesday we will start Topic 4 working with systems of Linear equations.
    October 21 - October 24
    This week we are working with explicit and recursive formulas, scatter plots, and lines of best fit.  No school on Friday.
    October 14 - October 18
    We will continue with Topic 3.  Our focus this week is transforming linear functions, arithmetic sequences, and lines of best fit.  We will have a quiz on Thursday.  Friday is early release day.
    October 7 - October 11
    This week we are starting Topic 3.  We will concentrate on function verses not a function.  The domain and range of a function and elements of functions.
    September 30 - October 4
    Monday and Tuesday: Standard Form of a linear equation
    Wednesday: study guide
    Thursday: Topic 2 test (Envision)
    Friday: Review day!
    September 23 - September 27
    This week we will work with parallel and perpendicular lines.  Word problems in slope intercept and standard form.
    Quiz on Friday!
    September 16 - September 20
    This week we are concentrating on Linear equations in point slope form.  We will take a quiz on Thursday.
    Term 1 ends Friday, September 20.
    September 9 - September 13
    Monday test over topic 1.
    The rest of the week we will be working in topic 2.  Linear equations in slope intercept, standard, and point slope form.
    September 3  - September 6
    Tuesday- work over inequalities.  Due Wednesday.
    Wednesday and Thursday literal equations and word problems.
    Friday: Review day
    August 26 - August 30
    Monday: Linear equations in one variable
    Tuesday: Linear equations with variables on both sides
    Wednesday: literal equations and formulas
    Thursday: inequalities
    Friday: Topic quizzes
     August 14 - August 23
    This week we will be going over the first days stuff.
    Next Monday and Tuesday we will be taking the Fall NWEA test for Algebra.
    Wednesday - Friday we are taking the pre tests for semester 1.
    October 15 - October 19
    Continuing with Linear Equations.  Our first test over Linear will be Thursday.  You will get a study guide on Tuesday.


    October 8 - October 12

    This week we will work with functional notation, standard form to slope intercept form, and identify the A, B, and C in an equation in standard form.

    Quiz on Friday!!

    October 1 - October 5
    This week we will be continuing our work with Linear Functions.  Learning how to find the domain and range of functions.  Writing a linear equation from a graph and a table.
    Quiz on Friday!
    September 24 - September 28
    This week we will dive into Linear Equations.  Work and practice will be given daily.  We will take a quiz on Friday.
    September 17 - September 21
     Monday: Worksheet over simplifying radicals with variables.
    Tuesday: Operations with radicals lesson.
    Wednesday: Worksheet over Tuesday's lesson
    Thursday: Quiz
    Friday: Note day!  Have a great weekend!
    September 10 - September 14
    Monday: Receive study guide for test 1.
    Tuesday: Test 1.
    Wednesday: Return test.  Intro to radicals.
    Thursday: Homework over Wednesday's lesson.  Due Friday.
    Friday: More work over radicals!  Enjoy your weekend!!
    September 4 - September 7
    Tuesday: Literal equations again. Classify numbers as being rational or irrational. If time permits.  Worksheet due Wednesday
    Wednesday: Review the Pythagorean Theorem.  (work on white boards)
    Thursday: Pythagorean Theorem word problems worksheet due Friday.  We will use today as a work day!
    Friday:  Test #1(might change to next week)
    August 27 - August 31
    Monday: Introduction to inequalities and notes.  We will work on our white boards today!!
    Tuesday: Work will be given over Monday's lesson.  We will have the entire hour to complete.  This is DUE tomorrow.
    Wednesday:  Focus on graphs of inequalities.  Work will be given.  Due Thursday.
    Thursday:  Introduction to literal equations.  Work on white boards.
    Friday:  Quiz!!
    August 20 - August 24
    Monday and Tuesday: We will administer the Fall NWEA for Algebra 1.
    Wednesday: Intro to multi step equations.  Work will be given.  Classtime will be used to complete.  Due Thursday.
    Thursday: More work will be given over multi step equations.  This is due Friday.
    Friday: Quiz over multi step equations.  Have a great weekend!!
    August 15 - August 17
    Welcome back!!!  This week we will get to know each other and what to expect this year in class!!
    May 21
    Last day! We will attend hours 1 - 4 today.  Locker clean out and end of year assembly is planned.  Enjoy your summer break!
    May 14 - May 18
    Monday and Tuesday: proving triangles congruent.  IXL "KK" column in Geometry
    Wednesday: Quest  over KK
    Thursday and Friday: in class activity
    May 7 - May 11
    Monday and Tuesday: Spring NWEA testing
    Wednesday: NJHS field trip to SDC
    Thursday and Friday: begin Geometry unit
    April 30 - May 4
    Monday and Tuesday: Because of Science testing we will have in class activities.
    Wednesday: test over quadratics
    Thursday and Friday: NWEA testing for Algebra
    April 23 - April 27
    EOC testing all week!
    April 16 - April 20
    We will continue to review for the EOC this week. 
    Monday: solve area problems
    Tuesday: study guide
    Wednesday: Test over quadratics
    Thursday and Friday in class review continues
    April 9 - April 13
    Monday: Practice EOC test
    Tuesday: Practice EOC test
    Wednesday: Go over the entire test as a group
    Thursday: learn to solve a quadratic by completing the square
    Friday: IXL BB.9
    April 2 - April 6
    Monday: Solve quadratics
    Tuesday: Quiz over quadratics
    Wednesday - Friday: continue with quadratics
    Work will be given each day.  
    EOC starts Monday, April 23rd!
    March 26 - March 29
    This week we will learn to solve a Quadratic equation by factoring and using the Quadratic formula.  Work will be given.  The practice EOC test is due Thursday, March 29.
    March 19 - March 23
    Monday: Packet is due!  Today we will review factoring and continue on!
    Tuesday: Factor Special Cases worksheet.
    Wednesday: Intro to Quadratics.  Notes over the vocab.
    Thursday: Solve a quadratic by factoring
    Friday: Solve more quadratics
    March 5 - March 9
    Monday: factor by grouping
    Tuesday: complete the square
    Wednesday: prepare for quiz
    Thursday: quiz
    Friday: half day (afternoon classes)
    February 26 - March 2
    This week we will multiply polynomials and factor trinomials.  
    This is our introduction to quadratic functions.
    Work will be given daily.
    February 19 - February 23
    Monday: Exponential tables
    Tuesday: Study guide for test
    Wednesday: Test over Exponential Functions
    Thursday: Start new unit over multiplying polynomials
    Friday: multiplying polynomials
    February 12 - February 16
    This week we are starting our unit over Exponential Functions.  
    Monday: What is an exponential function?  Notes and practice.
    Tuesday Graphs and tables of exponential functions. IXL
    Wednesday: Worksheet over graphs and tables.
    Thursday: Word problems worksheet.
    Friday: Word problems again.
     February 5 - February 9
    We will get a study guide for our BIG test on Thursday.  I have included topics from earlier this year as well.  We will also start to multiply binomials and trinomials.
    January 29 - February 2
    This week we are working with polynomials and scientific notation.  Work will be given.
    Friday: Quiz
    January 22 - January 26
    We will do this week what we did not do last week! 
    January 16 - January 19
    This week we will focus on properties of exponents.  Work will be given daily.
    Friday: Half day.  No homework!
    January 8 - January 12
    This week we will concentrate on Linear Inequalities and Systems of Linear Inequalities.  We will introduce rules of negative exponents.
    Friday: Quiz.
    January 4 - January 5
    Thursday: Welcome back!  Review of the 6 common functions quiz!
    Friday: Intro to Linear inequalities worksheet due Monday.
    December 18 - December 20
    Monday: Systems of linear equations.  In class IXL.
    Tuesday: Intro to exponential functions.  Notes in class.
    Wednesday: Wrap up semester 1. No homework over the break!
    December 11 - December 15
    We are wrapping up our unit with Llinear Functions this week.  We will receive a study guide for our Final Test on Thursday.  
    Friday: Intro to our next topic over Exponential Functions.
    December 4 - December 8
    This entire week our focus will be on solving systems of linear equations by graphing, substitution, and elimination.
    Practice will be done during class using IXL and our white boards.
    November 27 - December 1
    Monday: Review parallel and perpendicular lines.
    Tuesday: Quiz
    Wednesday - Friday: Transformations of linear functions. 
    November 13 - November 17
    Monday:  packet due today as well as IXL s.23 and s.24.  
    Tuesday - Friday: we will be focusing on transfromations of linear functions.  Translations, rotations, and reflections.
    November 6 - November 10
    Monday: Graph a line using x and y intercepts
    Tuesday: Graph lines that are parallel or perpendicular to each other.
    Wednesday Test retake day.
    Thursday: Transform lines.
    Friday: Quiz 
    October 30 - November 3
    Monday: Test over linear functions
    Tuesday: Go over test and continue on with linear word problems.
    Wednesday: Practice word problems work sheet
    Thursday: Introduction to parallel and perpendicular lines.
    Friday: Receive packet and work in IXL.
    October 23- October 27
    Monday: Find the slope given 2 points 
    Tuesday: Write the equation of a line given a table or graph
    Wednesday: Ixl review of linear functions.
    Thursday: half day attending periods 1-4.  Receive study guide today.
    Friday: half day attending periods 4-7.  Receive study guide today.
    October 16 - October 20
    This entire week we will be concentrating on 2 of the 6 common functions.  Linear and Direct variation.  We will be graphing, going from tables to graphs and vice versa.  Work will be given throughout the week.
    October 9 - October 13
    Monday: More functional notation worksheet.
    Tuesday: Packet due.  Linear equations in standard form.
    Wednesday: Quiz.
    Thursday: Linear equations in slope intercept form.
    Friday: half day!!  Enjoy your weekend!
    October 2 - Octbber 6
    Monday: Find domain and range from a listing.    Packet will be given.
    Tuesday: Evaluate using functional notation.
    Wednesday: Identify slope and y-intercept from an equation.
    Thursday: Identify domain and range from a graph.
    Friday: Graph a line from slope intercept form.
    Have an amazing week!!!
    September 25 - September 29
    Monday: Complete Fall NWEA testing.
    The remainder of the week we will focus on functions.  Work will be given when we are ready to proceed!
    September 18 - September 22
    Monday: Test #1
    Tuesday: Go over test results and introduce word problems.
    Wednesday: Algebra 1 NWEA
    Thursday: Algebra 1 NWEA
    Friday: word problems to be assigned.
    September 11 - September 15
    Monday: Go over Friday's quiz.  Simplify radicals worksheet and midpoint worksheet.  Due Wednesday.
    Tuesday: Writing equations from a word problem worksheet due Wednesday.
    Wednesday: Study guide for test 1
    Thursday: Test 1
    Friday: In class activity.  No homework!
    September 5 - September 8
    Tuesday: notes over uniform motion.  Assignment from last Thursday is due for a grade.  We will go over quiz from last Friday.
    Wednesday and Thursday: Work over uniform motion.
    Friday: Quiz over uniform motion.
    August 28 - September 1
    Monday: NWEA testing (last week we were unable to test)
    Tuesday: NWEA testing (hopefully we can complete!)
    Wednesday: work over compound inequalities and defining numbers as rational or irrational
    Thursday: solve simple absolute value equations worksheet or IXL
    Friday: Quiz
    August 21 - August 25
    Monday: solving equations with one solution, no solution, or all real numbers (identity) 
    Tuesday: more equations, notes over inequalities
    Wednesday: compound inequalities worksheets due Monday
    Thursday: Fall NWEA testing
    Friday: Fall NWEA testing
    August 16 - August 18
    Welcome back to school!
    Our first few days will be getting to know one another and sharing what we will be covering this year in Algebra.  I will introduce our first topic!
    May 8 - May 12
    Monday: SAIL in all math classes hourly.
    Tuesday: NWEA testing
    Wednesday: NJHS trip to SDC
    Thursday: afternoon trip to High School
    Friday: Prepare for last test
    May 1 - May 5
    We will continue to work with proofs in IXL.  We are still following our block schedule due to MAP testing.
    April 24 - April 28
    We have completed the EOC!  This week we will continue with preparing for 9th grade Geometry!  No homework will be given during MAP testing.
    April 17 - April21
    EOC testing this week!!  Get good rest!
    April 10 - April 13
    Monday: Practice EOC #2 due.
    Tuesday: More review for the EOC
    Wednesday and Thursday: Online tools practice testing for the EOC.
    April 3 - April 7
    Monday: IXL review topics.
    Tuesday: Practice EOC is due. Receive another one!
    Wednesday - Friday: continue to practice.
    March 27 - March 31
    Monday: simplifying radicals part 2
    Tuesday: radical equations part 1 worksheet
    Wednesday radical equations part 2 worksheet
    Thursday: quiz over radicals
    Friday: station work
    March 20 - March 24
    Monday: Review quadratics. 
    Tuesday: Start a new unit over radicals.  Practice problems and notes.
    Wednesday - Friday: Work over radicals.
    March 6 - March 10
    Monday: Solve a quadratic by completing the square.
    Tuesday: Study guide.
    Wednesday: Test over quadratic functions.
    Thursday: Go over test and correct errors (if any).
    Friday: Half day.  Attending hours 4 - 7. No homework.  Have a great Spring Break!!
    February 27 - March 3
    Monday - Wednesday: we will complete solving a quadratic by factoring.
    Thursday:  We will learn to solve a quadratic using the quadratic formula.
    Friday: quadratic formula worksheet.
     February 20 - February 24
    This entire week we will be focusing on solving quadratic equations as well as writing our own from work problems.
    Friday: quiz
     February 13 - February 17
    Monday: factor quadratics by first finding the GCF worksheet.
    Tuesday : factor special case polynomials worksheet.
    Wednesday: factor by grouping.
    Thursday: Quadratic function notes.
    Friday: Quiz #1 over quadratic functions.
     February 6 - February 10
    Monday: multiplying polynomials worksheet.
    Tuesday: another multiplying polynomials worksheet.
    Wednesday: factoring with a leading coefficient of 1.
    Thursday: factoring with leading coefficients other than 1.
    Friday: continue work similar from Thursday.  Packet is due today.
     January 30 - February 3
    Monday: Exponential growth and decay assignment due Tuesday.
    Tuesday: Study guide for test.
    Wednesday: Test over exponential functions.
    Thursday: Intro to quadratics.  Factoring worksheet.
    Friday: IXL in class.
     January 23 - January 27
    This entire week will be over exponential functions.  Work will be given daily.
    Friday: quiz over exponential functions.
     January 16 - January 20
    Monday: multiply scientific notation expressions
    Tuesday: divide scientific notation expressions
    Wednesday: review for test
    Thursday: test over exponents
    Friday: notes over the exponential function
     January 9 - January 13
    Monday: multiply expressions with exponents.
    Tuesday: divide expressions with exponents
    Wednesday:more complex multiplication with exponents
    Thursday: standard form to scientific notation and vice versa
    Friday: IXL
     January 4 - January 6
    Wednesday: graph linear inequalities worksheet.
    Thursday: solve systems of linear inequalities worksheet.
    Friday: simplify expressions that contain negative exponents worksheet.
    December 19: In class activity
    December 20: Wrap up Semester 1.  
    December 12 - December 16
    Monday: Review for part 1 of semester final.
    Tuesday: Semester 1 final (part 1)
    Wednesday: Review for part 2 of semester final.
    Thursday: Semester final (part 2).
    Friday: Stations
    December 5 - December 9
    Monday: Solve a system by elimination.
    Tuesday: Solve a system by elimination again.
    Wednesday: Solve a system using your method of choice.
    Thursday: System of linear equations word problems.
    Friday: word problems again.
    November 28 - December 2
    Monday: Solving systems of equations by graphing.
    Tuesday: Solve a system by substitution.
    Wednesday: Solve a system by elimination.
    Thursday:  Solve a system (all methods)
    Friday: Solve a system. (you choose which method is best)
    November 21 - November 22
    Monday: test over linear functions.
    Tuesday: Go over test.  Watch the Broadcast!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    November 14 - November 18
    Monday: Grade work from last Thursday.  More transformations.  Work due Tuesday.
    Tuesday: Transform slope intercept to standard form.  Work due Wednesday.
    Wednesday: Point slope to slope intercept form.  Work due Thursday.
    Thursday: Given a point and a slope find the equation of a line that is parallel/perpendicular.
    Friday: Prepare for test which will be Monday, November 21.
    November 7 - November 11
    Monday: Linear transformations.  Packet is due.
    Tuesday: Using standard form, find the x and y intercepts.
    Wednesday: Continue with x and y intercepts.
    Thursday: x and y intercepts.
    Friday: Quiz
    October 31 - November 4
    Monday: find the slope given 2 points.
    Tuesday: Study guide
    Wednesday: Test 2 over linear functions
    Thursday: Notes over transformations
    Friday: worksheet over transformations.
    October 24 - October 28
    Monday: Standard form to slope intercept form worksheet. 
    Tuesday: Quiz over functions
    Wednesday: Word problems worksheet.
    Thursday and Friday: Half day.  Receive packet over a variety of topics learned so far.  Will be due Monday, November 7.
    October 17 - October 21
    Monday: graph equations from slope intercept form
    Tuesday: Write an equation in slope intercept form from a graph and table.
    Wednesday: write function rules for real life situations.
    Thursday: Quiz
    Friday: Receive packet. Due Monday October 31st!
    October 10 - October 14
    Monday:  Evaluating functions worksheet from last Thursday is due today.  Find domain and range from a graph worksheet.
    Tuesday: Complete  linear function tables and graph them. 
    Wednesday: Finding slope of a line from a graph.
    Thursday: Find slope of a line from a table.
    Friday: We will work in IXL.  Half day due to parent/teacher conferences.  Look forward to meeting you!
    October 3 - October 7
    Monday:  Go over definitions from our notes.  Assign IXL Q.1, Q.2, Q.4, Q.5 
    Tuesday: Quiz over the 6 common functions.  Continue with IXL from Monday.
    Wednesday: Functional notation.
    Thursday: Complete function tables
    Friday: Quiz over 6 common functions.  Packet is due today.
    September 26 - September 30
    Monday: Mid point and distance worksheet
    Tuesday: Study guide for test 1
    Wednesday: Test #1
    Thursday: Go over test.  If time permits begin notes for next unit.
    Friday: Start unit 2.  Possible IXL if time permits.
    September 19 - September 23
    Monday: Grade homework from Friday.  Intro to consecutive integer problems.
    Tuesday: Homework over Monday's lesson IXL o.3.  Consecutive worksheet due Wednesday.
    Wednesday: More word problems.   Homework or in class IXL will be assigned.
    Thursday: Review coordinate plane and work with the distance and mid-point formulas. Work on white boards.
    Friday: Home work over Thursday's lesson.
    September 12 - September 16
    Monday:  Pick up where we left from Friday.  Today we will review uniform motion and receive worksheet due tomorrow.
    Tuesday: More uniform motion
    Wednesday: quiz over uniform motion. Work with IXL
    Thursday: Pythagorean Theorem word problems and simplify radicals notes.
    Friday: Homework from Thursday.
    September 6 - September 9
    Tuesday: Will give back quiz from last Friday.  Intro to absolute value equations.
    Wednesday: Homework over absolute value equations.  Due Thursday.
    Thursday: Notes over uniform motion. 
    Friday: Homework over uniform motion. Due Monday.
    August 29 - September 2
    Monday: grade homework from Thursday.  Intro to inequalities.  Rational and irrational numbers. Homework will be given.
    Tuesday: graph compound inequalities.  Homework will be given.
    Wednesday: solve and graph compound inequalities. Homework will be given.
    Thursday: work with IXL.
    Friday: quiz over equations and inequalities. No homework.
    August 22 - August 26
    Monday: Complete our notes from Friday. Worksheet over multi-step equations.  Due Wednesday.
    Tuesday and Wednesday we will take the NWEA.
    Thursday: Notes over equations with no solutions and all numbers as solutions.
    Friday: Homework over Thursday's notes.
    August 16 - August 19
    Tuesday and Wednesday.  1st days information.  We will review the properties.
    Wednesday: Algebra Readiness Assessment.  Due Friday.
    Thursday: Familiarize ourselves with IXL
    Friday: Grade the work from Wednesday.  
    May 9 - May 18  
    Monday we will finish the NWEA testing.
    Tuesday: We will review for our last test.
    Wednesday: last test over radicals and Geometry Proofs.
    Thursday: return tests, correct any errors.
    Friday: Stations
    Monday and Tuesday: wrap up the year!!  I will share your final Semester grade with you.
    Wednesday: attending pm classes.
    May 2 - May 6
    Monday - Wednesday:  Continue with proofs in IXL Geometry.  Math papers are due Wednesday.
    Thursday and Friday:  Spring NWEA testing.
    April 25 - April 29
    Monday: MAP testing. 
    Tuesday: MAP testing.
    Wednesday: Starting Geometry unit.  Receive packet.  Due Friday, May 6
    Thursday: IXL the K column.
    Friday: No homework.  In class activity.
    April 18 - 22
    Monday and Tuesday: EOC testing in the library.  Be there early.  Snacks and bottled water provided!
    The rest of the week is MAP testing.  English and Science.  No home work this week!
    April 11 - April 15
    This week  I am providing tutoring after school until 4 pm on Monday and Wednesday and Saturday from 10:30 - Noon.  Please drop students off at the back door by my room.
    This week in class we will concentrate on various Algebraic topics that we have learned.  The packet given last Wednesday is due this Wednesday.
    April 4 - April 8
    Monday: EOC practice packet is due.  Review rational and irrational numbers.
    Tuesday: Receive EOC practice packet.  Will be due April 12. Review Pyth. Theorem.
    Wednesday: Review consecutive integers.
    Thursday: Review functions.
    Friday: Complete stations.
    March 28 - April 1
    Monday: receive practice EOC packet.  This will be due April 4.  Today we will be working with IXL linear functions.
    Tuesday: We will be working with simplifying radicals.
    Wednesday: We will be working with inequalities.
    Thursday: We will be looking back at uniform motion.
    Friday: We will quiz over the week's review topics.  Homework will be given throughout the week.
    March 21 - March 24
    Monday: review solving quadratics.
    Tuesday: study guide
    Wednesday: Test over all 3 methods of solving a quadratic
    Thursday: Online tools testing for EOC (if able)
    March 7 - March 11
    Monday: Complete the square.  May possibly work on IXL.
    Tuesday: Worksheet over Monday's topic.
    Wednesday: More complete the square.
    Thursday: Wrap up all 3 ways we learned to solve quadratic functions.
    Friday; Half day! No homework.  Enjoy Spring Break!!
    February 29 - March 4
    Monday:  Quiz over factoring and solving a quadratic by factoring.
    Tuesday - Friday: we will introduce solving a quadratic by using the quadratic formula and use it the entire week.  Homework will be given when we are ready.
    February 22 - February 26
    Monday - Thursday we will be solving quadratics by factoring and the quadratic formula.  Homework will be given when we are ready for it.
    Friday:  We will have a quiz/test.  No homework for the weekend.
    February 15 - February 19
    Monday: worksheet factoring trinomials with a coefficient other that 1.
    Tuesday: notes over quadratic functions.
    Tuesday: homework over Tuesday's notes.
    Wednesday - Friday: Using the quadratic formula.  Homework will be given when we are prepared.
    February 8 - February12
    Monday: multiplying polynomials worksheet due Tuesday.
    Tuesday: factor the common factor out of each expression worksheet due Wednesday.
    Wednesday: Packet due that you received Friday 2 - 5 -16.  Factoring trinomial worksheet due Thursday.
    Thursday: Completely factor polynomials worksheet due Monday.
    Friday: work in stations.
    February 1 - February 5
    Monday: functional notation
    Tuesday: write an exponential equation from a table
    Wednesday: study guide
    Thursday: Test!
    Friday: no homework.
    January 25 - January 29
    Monday: quiz, grade homework from last Tuesday.
    Tuesday: intro to growth decay tables. practice in IXL.
    Wednesday: homework over Tuesday's lesson.
    Thursday: complete tables and sketch the graph of exponential functions.
    Friday: in class activity.  No homework!
    January 19 - January 22
    Tuesday: Wrap up scientific notation worksheet due Wednesday.
    Wednesday: quiz over exponents and scientific notation.
    Thursday: Intro to exponential growth/decay tables.
    Friday: work from Thursday's lesson.
    January 11 - January 15
    Monday: simplify exponential expressions involving division homework will be due Tuesday.
    Tuesday: simplify exponential expressions involving addition and subtraction homework or IXL.
    Wednesday: Go over expressing numbers in scientific notation and standard form.  Homework will be given in the form of a worksheet.
    Thursday: Scientific notation multiplication and division matching worksheet.
    Friday: In class activity.  No homework!!!
    January 5 - January 8
    Tuesday: little quiz over the names, graphs and general equations of the 6 common functions.  Intro to exponents.  Worksheet will be given if time permits.
    Wednesday: Complete worksheet from Tuesday and IXL.
    Thursday: Finding products of exponents with answers containing only positive exponents.  Worksheet due Friday.
    Friday: More products with exponents worksheet and IXL.
    December 21 - December 22
    Monday: go over semester 1 final parts 1 and 2
    Tuesday: locker cleanout
    December 14 - December 18
    Monday and Tuesday: IXL Algebra topics column "S", "T", and "U".
    Wednesday: study for final
    Thursday and Friday: Semester final over linear topics studied.
    December 7 - December 11
    Monday: solve systems by elimination.
    Tuesday: more to learn from Monday!
    Wednesday: word problems 
    Thursday: word problems again!!
    Friday: No homework.
    Homework will be assigned when I feel we have mastered the concept.  We will be doing a lot of in class work.  Show me what you know!!
    November 30 - December 4
    Monday: Solve systems of inequalities worksheet.
    Tuesday: Solve systems of equations by graphing work.
    Wednesday: Solve systems of equations by substitution.
    Thursday: Solve systems by graphing and substitution.
    Friday: intro to solving systems by elimination.
    November 23 - November 24
    Monday: Grade homework from Thursday and go over quiz.  Intro to systems!
    Tuesday: Solve systems of inequalities.
    November 16 - November 20
    Monday: parallel and perpendicular lines
    Tuesday: transformations
    Wednesday: more transformations
    Thursday: bring it all together
    Friday: Quiz over the weeks topics.
    November 9 - November 13
    Monday: take a grade from IXL and review for test.
    Tuesday: Test over Linear Equations and functions.
    Wednesday: Veteran's Assembly and field trip to the Branson Landing.
    Thursday: Return test and introduce transformations.
    Friday: Worksheet over transformations due Monday.
    November 2 - November 6
    Last week there was alot of note taking and learning taking place over linear functions.  This week we will be putting all the notes and learning into action.  Monday I am handing out a worksheet that will be due Tuesday.  Wednesday - Friday we will be working in IXL every day.  We will complete the ENTIRE "s" column.  
    Friday: end of term 2!!!
    October 26 - October 30
    Monday: grade our packet from October 16. Continue with linear tables and functions.
    Tuesday: worksheet over tables and functions.
    Wednesday: more tables and functions.
    Thursday: guess what??? more tables and functions.
    Friday: afternoon schedule.  We won't get to have class.
    October 19 - October 23
    Monday: review of functions worksheet.
    Tuesday: more functions
    Wednesday: quiz over functions
    Thursday: complete a function table.
    Friday: IXL
    October 12 - October 16
    Monday and Tuesday we will be NWEA testing.
    Wednesday and Thursday: functional notation.  Homework will be given.
    Friday: Advanced MAP field trip to SDC.  No homework!!!
    October 5 - October 9
    Monday: go over quiz from Friday.  Take notes over functions.  Naming function worksheet.
    Tuesday: Determining if a table or graph is a function worksheet.
    Wednesday: more functions!!!
    Thursday: more functions!!
    Friday: you guessed it, more functions!!!!
    September 28 - October 2
    Monday: find distance and midpoint from the graph.  Define in great detail rational and irrational numbers. Homework will be given due Tuesday.
    Tuesday: work on IXL in the classroom
    Wednesday: Reteach on uniform motion. Worksheet will be given.
    Thursday: Word problems.  Worksheet will be given.
    Friday: Quiz. No homework.
    September 21 - September 25
    Monday: intro to distance and midpoint formulas. Homework pending.
    Tuesday: receive study guide for test.
    Wednesday: Test #1
    Thursday: Homework over distance and midpoint.  Will get tests back.
    Friday: IXL or station work.
    September 14 - September 18
    Monday: go over quiz from Friday and introduce consecutive integers.
    Tuesday: worksheet and/or IXL with consecutive integers.
    Wednesday: Rational and Irrational numbers how to define.  IXL will be assigned.
    Thursday and Friday: Fall NWEA testing in class.  No homework.
    September 8 - September 11
    Tuesday: wrote equations from a word problem and solved.  Homework due Wednesday.
    Wednesday: intro to uniform motion.  work on white boards.
    Thursday: Homework over uniform motion.
    Friday: Quiz #2.  No homework for the weekend!
    August 31 - September 4
    This week I am introducing absolute value equations.  Each day we will either be working on white boards, IXL, or have paper homework.  I will write on the board each day what the expectation is and when the work will be due.
    August 24 - August 28
    Monday: solving and graphing inequalities. Worksheet due Tuesday.
    Tuesday: Grade packet from first day of school  Compound inequalities.  Homework pending.
    Wednesday: Graphs of compound inequalities.
    Thursday: Worksheet over compound inequalities.  Due Friday.
    Friday: Quiz 1. No homework!  Enjoy your weekend!!!!!
    August 18 - August 21
    Tuesday: go over first days power points.  Receive packet due Tuesday, August 25th.
    Wednesday: go over first days power points. Worksheet over multi-step equations.
    Thursday: continue with equations and add multi-step inequalities.
    Friday: grade and record the homework from Wednesday and Thursday.  Work in stations.  No homework!
    June 1 - June 1
    Monday: Last day of school.  We will be attending 4-7 hours.  School will dismiss at 10:40 a.m.
    Enjoy your summer!  I have enjoyed this year!
    May 26 - May 29
    Tuesday: review for quiz on Wednesday. Also practice for end of year video.
    Wednesday: quiz over radicals
    Thursday: housekeeping!
    Friday: celebrate!
    May 18 - May  22
    Monday: we will be taking a field trip to the High School.  
    Tuesday - Thursday: we will be working with radicals on IXL
    Friday: quiz over radicals.
    May 11 - May 15
    Monday: grade worksheet from last Thursday.  Jeopardy quadratic review.
    Tuesday: test over quadratics.
    Wednesday: go over test. intro to radicals
    Thursday and Friday: working with radicals
    May 4 - May 8
    This week will we focus on quadratic equations.  Homework will be given.
    Friday: in class activity.  no homework!!!!
    April 27 - May 1
    Monday - Wednesday: continue with EOC review
    Thursday- EOC testing all day.  2nd hour report to Mr. Long for testing.
     Friday- no homework!
    April 20 - April 24
    Monday:  Check in with first hour teacher and report to the Cafeteria.  We will grade the practice EOC.
    Tuesday: continue EOC practice
    Wednesday: Check in with first hour teacher and report to the Cafeteria.
    Thursday: We will take the EOC in the afternoon.  First hour with Mrs. Everett and 2nd hour with Mr. Long.
    Friday: Same schedule as Thursday!
    April 13 - April 17
    We are ELA MAP testing this week during 1st hour.
    Each day when we meet we will be reviewing for the EOC.  In class work will be given.
    April 6 - April 10
    Monday - Wednesday concentrating on quadratics.
    Thursday and Friday: we will be working with the online practice tools for the EOC.
    EOC dates are April 23 and April 24.  I have scheduled 3 dates for tutoring.  April 6 right after school until 3:55 and Wednesday right after school until 3:55 and Saturday, April 11 from 1:00 - 2:30 in the afternoon.  That will be in my classroom.  If you have any questions, give me a call or email.
    March 30 - April 2
    This week MAP testing starts in Science.  While we are in class we will focus on quadratic equations.  Work will be given during class.
    March 23 - March 27
    This week we will spend the entire time working on solving quadratics in different ways.  Homework will be assigned when the topic is learned.
    March 9 - March 13
    Monday: factor trinomials
    Tuesday: study guide
    Wednesday: test over factoring
    Thursday: go over test
    Friday: half day. enjoy Spring Break!
    March 2 - March 6
    This entire week we will focus on factoring. Work will be given.
    February 23 - February 27
    Following what was down for last week.
    February 16 - February 20
    Monday: multiply polynomials
    Tuesday and Wednesday: IXL training
    Thursday: factoring
    Friday: enrichment
    February 9 - February 13
    Monday: write an expontial function from a table worksheet
    Tuesday: study guide
    Wednesday: test over exponential functions
    Thursday: intro to absolute value functions
    Friday: enrichment activity
    February 2 - February 6
    Monday: Exponential word problems
    Tuesday: same as Monday
    Wednesday: IXL training
    Thursday:continuing with exponential functions
    Friday: Test retake!
    January 26 - January 30
    Monday: simplify expressions w/4 operations
    Tuesday: review for test over exponents
    Wednesday: test
    Thursday: Exponential functions
    Friday: Exponential functions
    January 19 - January 23
    Monday: multiply and divide with negative exponents. Due Tuesday.
    Tuesday and Wednesday: IXL training.
    Thursday: scientific notation worksheet.
    Friday: half day attend afternoon hours.
    January 12 - January 16
    Monday: systems of linear inequalities
    Tuesday and Wednesday: IXL
    Thursday: Intro to negative exponents
    Friday: Negative exponents
    January 6 - January 9
    Tuesday: Welcome back! Review systems of equations by graphing and substitution.  Introduce elimination. Homework given.
    Wednesday: Linear inequalities worksheet.
    Thursday: Systems of linear inequalities worksheet.
    Friday: no homework!
    December 15 - December 19
    Monday: grade systems from last Thursday
    Tuesday and Wednesday we will be working with IXL
    Thursday: In class activity
    Friday: Last day of the year!!!  No homework for the break!
    December 8 - December 12
    Monday: review for test.  This is a biggy!!
    Tuesday: test
    Wednesday: Intro to linear inequalities
    Thursday: Homework over linear inequalities
    Friday: intro to systems of linear inequalities
    December 1 - December 5
    We will start the week with a review of linear functions and the 3 forms.
    We will spend the rest of the week working with systems of equations.
    November 24 - November 25
    Monday: write a linear equation for all 3 forms. Worksheet due Tuesday.
    Tuesday: in class activity.  No homework!
    November 17 - November 21
    Monday and Tuesday we will be working with IXL and reviewing writing and transforming linear functions.
    Wednesday: quiz
    Thursday: continuing with functions
    Friday: in class activity
    November 10 - November 14
    This entire week we are focusing on transforming linear equations.  By the time Friday arrives we are going to be very good at it!!!  Work will be given daily.
    Friday: no homework!
    November 3 - November 7
    Monday: worksheet transforming from slope intercept to standard form
    Tuesday and Wednesday: NWEA testing
    Thursday: write equation of a line given slope and a point
    Friday: continuing from Thursday
    October 27 - October 31
    This week we will be concentrating on linear equations only! In slope intercept, standard form, and point slope form.  Homework will be given once the concept is mastered by all learners.
    Thursday is a half day attending afternoon hours.
    Friday is a half day attending morning hours.
    Please remember Parent/Learner conferences are Thursday.  I look forward to seeing you there!
    October 20 - October 24
    Monday: quiz
    Tuesday: Linear equations worksheet
    Wednesday: writing a linear equation worksheet
    Thursday: IXL
    Friday: IXL 
    October 13 - October 17
    Monday: functional notation worksheet
    Tuesday: computer lab 201 
    Wednesday: write a function 
    Thursday: worksheet from previous lesson
    Friday: quiz
    October 6 - October 10
    This week we are starting our journey into functions.  We will start by defining and viewing common functions.  Homework will be given once we have our terminology down.  Each day we will be having an in class activity and most for credit.
    September 29 - October 3
    Monday: consecutive integers worksheet
    Tuesday: enrichment
    Wednesday: quiz no homework
    Thursday: interpreting graphs worksheet finding domain and range
    Friday: in class activity no homework!
    September 22 - September 26
    Monday: solve problems using the Pythagorean Theorem.  Worksheet due tomorrow.
    Tuesday: converse of the Pythagorean Theorem worksheet due tomorrow.
    Wednesday: learn distance and mid-point formulas.  No homework.
    Thursday: Homework over Wednesday's lesson.
    Friday: Intro to consecutive integers.  No homework.
    September 15 - September 19
    Monday: notes over irrational and rational numbers
    Tuesday: worksheet over Monday's topic.
    Wednesday: review for our first test
    Thursday: test 1
    Friday: return tests and take note over Pythagorean Theorem.  No homework.
    September 8 September 12
    Monday: notes over uniform motion
    Tuesday: same direction problems
    Wednesday: opposite direction problems
    Thursday: round trip problems
    Friday: intro to rational and irrational numbers
    September 2 - September 5
    Tuesday: into to absolute value.  Worksheet will be given due Wednesday.
    Wednesday: writing equations. Worksheet will be given due Thursday.
    Thursday: going back to absolute value equations.  Worksheet will be given due Friday.
    Friday: back to inequalities.  no homework!!
    Welcome back students! 
    August 21 - August 29
    Thursday: First day of school information and get to know each other.  No homework.
    Friday: Announcements. Algebra readiness assessment test.  If not completed in class, due Monday.
    Monday: Review multi-step equations (to include identity solutions and no solution) Homework will be given due back Tuesday.
    Tuesday: More equations and add inequalities to the mix!  We will work with our whiteboards.  No homework today.
    Wednesday: Graph compound inequalities. Homework will be due Thursday.
    Thursday: Solve simple absolute value equations and review for quiz on Friday.
    Friday: Quiz over the first weeks topics.