• January 27 - January 31
    Continue with Envision Topic 5.  Focus on solving systems of Linear Equations by substitution and elimination methods.  We will take a quiz on Thursday.
    January 20 - January 24
    Monday we will complete Topic 5 test.  Then we will start the second half of topic 5.  Quiz on Friday.
    January 7 - January 10
    Tuesday: Welcome back everyone!!  Let's share what we did or didn't do!  Then we will go over what we did before we left.
    Wednesday - Friday:  Start Envision Topic 5.
    December 16 - December 20
    Winter NWEA testing this week.
    December 9 - December 13
    This week we are continuing with Envision Topic 4.  There will be a quiz on Thursday.
    December 2 - December 6
    Monday we will review for our Topic 3 test.  Study guide will be given.  Tuesday is Topic 3 test in Envision.  We will start topic 4 this week.
    November 25 and 26
    Monday: Envision Topic 3 practice assessment.  And worksheet over y=mx+b word problems.
    Tuesday: In class activity.  No homework.  Happy Thanksgiving!
    November 18 - November 22
    This week our focus will be to determine whether or not a graph, table, or mapping represents a function.  
    November 11 - November 15
    This week we will work with linear tables and functions.
    November 4 - November 7
    Monday: find slope and y intercepts
    Tuesday: graphing
    Wednesday: write equation from graph
    Thursday: quiz
    October 28 - November 1
    Study guide due Monday.  Test over the 2nd half of Topic 2 on Tuesday.  Star Topic 3 Wednesday or Thursday.
    October 21 - October 24
    We will finish up Topic 2 this week over proportional relationships.   No school on Friday.
    October 14 - October 18
    This week we are concentrating of Proportional relationships.  We will have a quiz on Thursday. 
    October 7 - October 11
    This week we will determine how many solutions an equation has, if any.  Wednesday, we will take our Mid Topic 2 test.  Thursday, we will continue with proportional relationships.  Friday will be review day.
    September 30 - October 4
    This week we will be solving multi step equations.  We will be getting ready for our Mid Topic 2 test.
    September 23 - September 27
    This week we will start Envision Topic 2.  Our tasks will be combining like terms and determine the number of solutions (if any) an equation has.
    September 16 - September 20
    Monday review for topic 1 test
    Tuesday is topic 1 test
    Wednesday review like terms and 1 step equations
    Thursday: Envision 2-1
    Friday: Review day
    September 9 - September 13
    This week we will complete topic 1.  We will learn rules for integer exponents and understand scientific notation.
    September 3 - September 6
    This week we are working with perfect squares and perfect cubes.  We will be assigned Envision 1-4 and 1-5.  
    August 26-August 30
    Monday:repeating decimals as fractions
    Tuesday:irrational numbers
    Wednesday:compare and order real numbers
    Thursday:perfect squares and cubes
    Friday:topic quizzes
     August 14 -  August 23
    This week we will go over the first days stuff and get to know one another!
    Next Monday and Tuesday we will take the Fall NWEA test.
    Wednesday - Friday we will take the pre tests for semester 1.



    October 8 - October 12

    We will continue with Topic 1 in Envision.  Review day on Friday!

    October 1 - October 5

    We are starting Topic 2 in Envision.  Work will be assigned each day.  Tasks will be completed in class.  Review on Friday!

    September 24 - September 28
    Monday:  complete topic 1 in Envision.
    Tuesday: review for test 1
    Wednesday: test 1
    Thursday: Preview topic 2
    Friday: Review Friday!
    September 17 - September 21
    This week we will complete topic 1 in Envision.  Our focus will be on expressions with negative and zero exponents as well as scientific notation.  Envsion tasks will be assigned.  Our first test will take place the middle of next week.
    September 10 - September 14
    Monday:  Go over quiz.  Envison 1-5 is due at end of the hour.
    Tuesday: Envision 1-6
    Wednesday: more tasks over 1-6
    Thursday: Envision 1-7
    Friday: Review day!!
    September 4 - September 7
    Tuesday: Envision Topic 1-4 evaluating square roots and cube roots.
    Wednesday: Envision Topic 1-5 solve equations.
    Thursday:  Work day!
    Friday:  Review day!!
    August 27 - August 31
    Monday:  Learn the difference between rational and irrational numbers.  Class activity.
    Tuesday:  Envision topic 1-2
    Wednesday: Compare and order numbers.  Envision topic 1-3
    Thursday:  Evaluate cube roots and square roots.  Envision topic 1-4
    Friday:  Review of the week!!
    August 20 - August 24
    Monday and Tuesday:  We will be taking the Fall NWEA test.
    Wednesday: Start our first topic of the year.  Write a decimal as a fraction.  (repeating too!)
    Thursday:  Assigning Envision Topic 1-1
    Friday: Identify irrational numbers activity.  Have a great weekend!!
    August 15 - August 17
    Welcome back!!  This week we will get to know each other and what to expect in class!!
    May 21
    We will attend hours 1-4 today.  Enjoy your summer break!!
    May 14 - May 18
    Monday and Tuesday: simplifying polynomiails
    Wednesday: Quest
    Thursday and Friday: in class activity
    May 7 - May 11
    This week we will begin a new unit over polynomials.  We will have in class work each day.  
    April 30 - May 4
    Monday and Tuesday:  because of testing in science, we will have in class activities.
    Wednesday and Thursday: NWEA testing
    Friday: wrap up testing
    April 23 - April 27
    MAP testing Math all week.
    April 16 - April 20
    Monday: online tools testing
    Tuesday - Friday:  continue our review
    April 9 - April 13
    Monday: IXL A.6, A.7, A.8
    Tuesday: Receive practice MAP test
    Wednesday and Thursday: continue to work in class on the practice MAP test.
    Friday: watch the broadcast
    April 2 - April 6
    Monday: Review linear equations.
    Tuesday: Review interior angle measures
    Wednesday: quiz
    Thursday and Friday: receive review packet for the MAP
    March 26 - March 29
    Starting our full review for the MAP test.  We will be working with Linear functions all week.  In class work will be given.  
    Released items will be given during class for practice.
    March 19 - March 23
    Monday: Get our test back.  Review volume formulas.
    Tuesday - Friday: Parallel lines and transversals.  
    March 5 - March 9
    Monday: volume of cones.  Envision will be assigned.
    Tuesday: receive study guide
    Wednesday: Test over volume of cones, square pyramids, cylinders, and spheres
    Thursday: In class activity
    Friday: half day (afternoon classes) Enjoy your Spring Break!
    February 26 - March 2
    We will use volume formulas to find volume of cones, cylinders, spheres, and square pyramids.
    Work will be given daily.
    February 19 - February 23
    This week we will concentrate on reflections, translations, and consecutive transformations.
    Friday: Quiz
    February 12 - February 16
    This week we will learn the 4 transformations.  Translation, rotation, reflection, and dilations.  
    Friday: quiz
    February 5 - February 9
    This week we will be working with parallel lines and transversals.  Work will be given daily.
    Friday: quiz
    January 29 - February 2
    This week we are starting a new unit over angle line relationships.  We will have a variety of activities for our learning.  
    January 22 - January 26
    We will do this week what we were suppose to do last week!
    January 16 - January 19
    We will complete our unit over the Pythagoreon Theorem this week.  We will test on Thursday.
    Friday: Half day.  Intro to angle line relationships.
    January 8 - January 12
    This week we will use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the length of an unknown side of a right triangle.  Application and word problems will be assigned.
    Friday: quiz.
    January 4 - January 5
    Thursday: Welcome back!  Review our last test over Linear functions!  Intro to the Pythagorean Theorem.
    Friday: Pythagorean Theorem worksheet.  Due Monday.
    December 18 - December 20
    Monday: Pythagorean Theorem problems.
    Tuesday: Pythagprean Theorem word problems.
    Wednesday: Wrap up semester 1.  No work over break!!
    December 11 - December 15
    Monday through Wednesday we will review for our Semester Final over Linear Functions.
    Thursday: Semester Final
    Friday: Intro to our next topic....Pythagorean Theorem.
    December 4 - December 8
    Monday: solve a system by substitution worksheet.
    Tuesday: IXL AA.8 
    Wednesday: evaluate using functional notation worksheet.
    Thursday: IXL 
    Friday: Linear tables
    November 27 - December 1
    Monday: Review of proprtional and non proportional relationships.
    Tuesday: Intro to systems.
    Wednesday: review for quiz
    Thursday: quiz
    Friday: Graphing systems worksheet.
    November 13 - November 17
    Monday: Graphing linear equations worksheet.
    Tuesday: intro to systems of linear equations.
    Wednesday: work over Tuesday's lesson.
    Thursday: Review for quiz.
    Friday: Quiz
    November 6 - November 10
    Monday: scatter plots worksheet
    Tuesday: scatter plots IXL
    Wednesday:'functions worksheet
    Thursday: linear verses nonlinear and why!
    Friday:linear verses nonlinear practice.
    October 30 - November 3
    Monday: Go over the study guide.
    Tuesday: Test over linear equations.
    Wednesday: Get test back.  Continue on with more linear equations.
    Thursday: Linear vs. nonlinear and scatter plots.
    Friday: Work will be officially assigned in IXL over Thursday's lesson.
    October 23 - October 27
    Monday: write a linear equation from a line
    Tuesday: word problems
    Wednesday: more word problems
    Thursday: half day attending periods 1-4.  IXL practice.
    Friday: half day attending periods 4-7.  IXL practice.
    October 16 - October 20
    Monday: writing equations in y = mx + b form
    Tuesday: writing equations in y = mx and y = mx + b form
    Wednesday and Thursday: translating word problems into y = mx + b form.
    Friday: Stations!
    October 9 - October 13
    Monday: Name type of slope and find slope from a graph
    Tuesday: Write an equation in y=mx form
    Wednesday: Graph an equation in y=mx + b form.
    Thursday: More of what we did on Wednesday.
    Friday: half day!  Enjoy the weekend!
    October 2 - October 6
    This week we will work with proportional relationships and relationship that are not proprtional.  Envision and IXL will be assigned.
    September 25 - September 29
    Monday: Intro to equations with no solutions or infinitely many solutions.
    Tuesday: Work will be assigned over Monday's lesson.
    Wednesday - Friday:Proportional relationships.
     September 18 - September 22
    This entire week we are focusing on vocabulary, combining like terms, distributing, and solving multi step equations.
    September 11 - September 15
    Monday: Grade study guide.  Work in groups to prepare for test 1.
    Tuesday: Test 1
    Wednesday: Begin Topic 2 in Envision.  Work will be given.  This is due Friday.
    Thursday: Continue work from previous day.
    Friday: Grade work. 
    September 5 - September 8
    Tuesday - Thursday: we will work with the properties of expoinents, negative exponents, and operations with scientific notation.  Work will be given.
    Friday: receive a study guide for our first test.  (Test will be Monday, September 11)
    August 28 - September 1
    Monday: we will wrap up NWEA testing.  Notes over rational and irrational numbers will be given.  Worksheet with equations involving squares and square roots.
    Tuesday:  compare and order real numbers.  In class IXL. Algebra A.1
    Wednesday: Quiz.  We are at mid point of Topic 1.
    Thursday: Go over quiz.  Notes over Properties of exponents.
    Friday: work over Properties of exponents.
    Augest 21 - August 25
    This entire week we will understand irrational numbers, compare and order real numbers, and solve equations using square roots and cube roots.  Assignments will be given for each topic.
    Due dates will be posted in the classroom.
    August 16 - August 18
    Welcome back to school!  
    Our focus the first 3 days will be getting to know one another and what you can expect from me.  I will be introducing the first topic of the year!
    May 8 - May 12
    Monday: SAIL from High School will be in the math classes all day.
    Tuesday: NWEA testing.
    Wednesday: NWEA testing.  
    Thursday: afternoon classes are going to the High School.  Morning classes prepare for last test.
    Friday: Prepare for test.
    May 1 - May 5
    We will continue with Algebra work in class.  We are still on the block schedule due to MAP testing.
    April 24 - April 28
    MAP testing all week!!!
    April 17 - April 21
    MAP testing all week in my classroom!! 
    April 10 - April 13
    Monday: receive a MAP review packet.  Will be due Wednesday.
    Tuesday: work on packet from Monday
    Wednesday: grade packet and practice our online tools testing for the MAP test.
    Thursday: continue our online tools testing for the MAP test.
    April 3 - April 7
    Monday: Quiz
    Tuesday - Friday: continue our review for the MAP test.
    March 27 - March 31
    This entire week we are teaming up with the other 8th Pre-Algebra class.  Working with linear equations and systems of equations. Class work will be  given daily.
    March 20 - March 24
    Monday: Go over test from March 9.  Make ups as well.  We will discuss a retake if needed.
    Tuesday - Friday:  Review linear and introduce systems of equations.  Practice will be given daily.
    March 6 - March 10
    Monday and Tuesday:  We will complete our unit over lines, angles, polygons, and the Pythagorean Theorem.
    Wednesday: receive a study guide.
    Thursday: Test.
    Friday: Half day.  Attend 4 - 7 hours.  Have an awesome Spring Break!!
    February 27 - March 3
    Monday: Pythagorean Theorem worksheet .  Solving for the legs.
    Tuesday: Pythagorean Theorem worksheet.  Solving for legs and hypotenuse.
    Wednesday and Thursday: word problems relating the Pythagorean Theorem to real life situations.
    Friday: Quiz.
     February 20 - February 24
    Monday: go over quiz from Friday.  Work with IXL.
    Tuesday: Study guide
    Wednesday: Test over angle line relationships and transformations.
    Thursday: Intro to the Pythagorean Theorem.
    Friday: Pythagorean Theorem word problems worksheet.
     February 13 - February 17 
    Monday: triangle sum theorem and angle bisector worksheet.
    Tuesday: supplementary angles worksheet.
    Wednesday: complementary angles worksheet 
    Thursday: Interior angles of regular polygons
    Friday: study guide for test
     February 6 - February 10
    This entire week we are focusing on parallel lines, transversals, and angle measurements.
     January 30 - February 3
    This entire week we are focusing on Rigid Transformations.  Reflection, rotation, and translation.  We will introduce dilations as well.
    Friday: quiz
     January 23 - January 27
    Monday: Similar figures.
    Tuesday: word problems over surface area and volume of 3 - d figures worksheet
    Wednesday: study guide
    Thursday: test over surface area and volume
    Friday: Notes over geometry terms.
     January 16 - January 20
    Monday: volume of cones and spheres
    Tuesday and Wednesday: NWEA testing
    Thursday and Friday: word problems over volume and surface area
     January 9 - January 13
    Monday: focus on surface area and volume of the cube only.
    Tuesday: focus on surface area and volume of the rectangular prism only
    Wednesday: focus on the surface area and volume of the cylinder only
    Thursday: focus on the surface area and volume the the prism only
    Friday: cones!
     January 4 - January 6
    Wednesday - Friday: We are starting a new unit.  This entire week we will be finding surface area and volume of 3-D figures.  A packet will be given Wednesday.
    December 19 - December 20
    Monday: In class activity
    Tuesday. Wrap up Semester 1.  Enjoy your break!
    December 12 - December 16
    Monday: Receive a linear equation packet due Wednesday.
    Tuesday: work on the packet from Monday.
    Wednesday: work on the packet from Monday.  Will be due at the end of the hour.
    Thursday: Test over linear equations.
    Friday: Go over test.  No homework.
    December 5 - December 9
    This week we will complete our 1st unit over linear equations.  We will work in stations and in IXL.  Next week we will take a test but I have not selected a specific day.  Most likely towards the end of the week.
    November 28 - December 2
    This week we are introducing linear equations.  There will be in class work each day.  Either worksheets and/or IXL.
    November 21 - November 22
    Monday: Test over coordinates, slope, and tables.
    Tuesday; Go over test and watch the Broadcast.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    November 14 - November 18
    Monday: Worksheet completing linear tables.
    Tuesday: Graph the tables from Monday.
    Wednesday: Talk about types of slope.  Worksheet will be given.
    Thursday:  Find the slope given a linear graph.
    Friday: Stations.  No homework.
    November 7 - November 11
    Monday: Find distance between two cities.
    Tuesday - Friday:  We will be using IXL to learn proportional relationships, review the coordinate plane, and complete linear tables.  This will ALL be in class work for a grade.
    October 31 - November 4
    Monday: study guide
    Tuesday: Test over solving inequalities
    Wednesday: intro to the coordinate plane
    Thursday: worksheet plotting points and given a point writing the ordered pair.
    Friday:  IXL
    October 24 - October 28
    Monday - Friday: We will complete the "X" column in IXL this week.
    We will have a test over inequalities Tuesday, November 1.
    October 17 - October 21
    Monday: grade worksheet from last Thursday.  Lesson over multi - step inequalities.
    Tuesday: Solve multi step inequalities worksheet.
    Wednesday: work in stations
    Thursday: Graph multi - step inequalities from Tuesday
    Friday: IXL
    October 10 - October 14
    Monday: Lesson over how to solve a 1-step inequality and graph.
    Tuesday: Work will be assigned over Monday's lesson.
    Wednesday: Intro to 2-step inequalities and how to graph.
    Thursday: Assignment over Wednesday's lesson.
    Friday: Half day due to parent/teacher conferences.  Look forward to meeting you!!
    October 3 - October 7
    Monday: Last day to complete the W column in IXL.
    Tuesday:  Test over equations.
    Wednesday: Go over test.  Begin inequalities.
    Thursday and Friday.  Solve and graph inequalities.
    September 26 - September 30
    Monday: Assign IXL 8th grade W.10
    Tuesday: Lesson on number of solutions an equation has.
    Wednesday: Assign IXL W.11, W.12, and W.13
    Thursday: Continue from Wednesday.
    Friday: begin preparations for test #1 early next week.
    September 19 - September 23
    Monday: solve equations with like terms
    Tuesday: more equations with like terms
    Wednesday; equations with variables on both sides of the = sign
    Thursday: more of Wednesday's topic
    Friday: stations involving equations.
    September 12 - September 16
    Monday: Combining like terms.IXL
    Tuesday:Quiz over 2 step equations and like terms
    Wednesday: Solve equations that have like terms
    Thursday: Same as Wednesday
    Friday: Stations
    September 6 - September 9
    This week we are starting a new unit over expressions and equations.  
    Tuesday:  2 step equations
    Wednesday: equations with parenthesis
    Thursday: expressions with like terms
    Friday: stations.
    August 29 - September 2
    This week we will start unit one in Digits.  I am assigning the entire unit.  Students will complete tasks at their own pace and test when done.  The first unit is over the number system.
    August 22 - August 26
    Monday: Place a grade in SIS over our station work from Friday.  Start NWEA testing.
    Tuesday: Continue NWEA testing.
    Wednesday: Complete NWEA testing. (hopefully)
    Thursday:  Start unit over number theory
    Friday: Continue unit over number theory.  We will be working with IXL and Digits.
    August 16 - August 19
    Tuesday and Wednesday: Go over first days information.
    Wednesday: Familiarize ourselves with IXL. 
    Thursday: Briefly go over some HOT topics from last year.
    Friday: Work in stations!!!
    May 9 - May 18
    Monday: complete all NWEA testing (hopefully)
    Tuesday and Wednesday: Review for test
    Thursday: test over polynomials
    Friday: return test and make corrections (as needed)
    Monday: IXL
    Tuesday: IXL and cool math games
    Wednesday: End of year assembly and locker clean out.  WE MADE IT!!!  Enjoy summer!!!
    May 2 - May 6
    Monday - Wednesday: Continue with operations with polynomials,
    Thursday and Friday: Spring NWEA testing.
    April 25 - April 29
    Monday: MAP testing.  We will grade homework from Thursday.
    Tuesday: Divide polynomials worksheet.
    Wednesday: IXL
    Thursday: IXL
    Friday: No homework.  In class activity.
    April 18- April 22
    Monday and Tuesday: math MAP testing with first hour teachers. Get good rest and rock the test!
    Wednesday - Friday: English and Science MAP testing.  Do Awesome!!  No homework this week!
    April 11 - April 15
    Monday: review for MAP
    Tuesday: packet due that was given last Thursday
    Wednesday: continue MAP review
    Thursday: Stations
    Friday: Stations
    MAP testing begins Monday, April 18.  Math first!!!
    April 4 - April 8
    Starting this week we will be reviewing topics for MAP using IXL, worksheets, and station work.  Testing begins April 18 with 8th grade math!
    March 28 - April 1
    Monday: Receive another topic working with linear equations in the real world.
    Tuesday: Receive yet another topic working with linear equations in the real world.
    Wednesday: Review for test.
    Thursday: test over linear equations in the real world.
    Friday: go over test.  In class activity.
    March 21 - March 24
    Monday - Thursday: continue with IXL.  
    Thursday: a quiz will be given.
    Friday: No school!
    March 7 - March 11
    Monday: Return tests from Thursday. Everyone must have a learning path decided today.
    Tuesday: Start learning path.  Mini lessons will be given.
    Wednesday - Friday: Continued instruction and IXL will be assigned accordingly.
    Enjoy Spring Break!!
    February 29 - March 4
    Monday - Wednesday: completing IXL tasks for the test.
    Tuesday: receive study guide.
    Thursday: test
    Friday: stations
    February 22 - February 26
    This week we will continue with linear, geometry, data and probability,  Each student will be working in the area they chose.  IXL is assigned for each student.  
    Friday: quiz/test. 
    February 15 - February 19
    Monday: Go over Friday's quiz. 
    Tuesday - Friday: We will continue with linear equations in IXL.
    Friday: We will work in stations.  No homework.
    February 8 - February 12
    Monday: Take grade for IXL "x.6"  
    Tuesday- Thursday: Continue on our individual learning path in IXL.
    Friday: quiz over the first 5 "x" topics.
    February 1 - February 5
    Monday: return test 
    Tuesday - Friday:  We will all start the IXL "x" column in the same place but work at our own pace.  If you complete the column the test will be ready for you.  The expectation for all to compete will be February 15 with the test February 16.
    January 25 - January 29
    This week everyone will complete the "W" column in IXL.  We will test Friday.  For those of you you complete before Friday, you may test earlier.  We will then move on to linear word problems and systems of equations.
    January 19 - January 22
    This week we continue with IXL linear equations the "W" column.  Some of you will be ready to test by mid week the rest will complete and test early next week.  Work will be done each day in class.
    January 11 - January 15
    Monday: Go over test from Friday.  We will start our personalized learning plan this week.
    Tuesday - Friday:  We will use the program IXL to help determine our individual learning paths.  When topics are mastered with an 80 %, learners will come to me for the assessment.
    Additional homework will be given in the form of worksheets.
    January 5 - January 8
    Tuesday: Review of simplifying radicals.  Worksheet due Wednesday.
    Wednesday: Review of transformations IXL.
    Thursday: Review of rational and irrational numbers IXL.
    Friday: Test
    December 21 - Decmeber 22
    Monday: Show grades and finish up semester 1 business!!
    Tuesday: team parties and locker clean out!
    December 14 - December 18
    Monday and Tuesday: IXL 8th grade the "Q" column.
    Wednesday and Thursday: Practice MAP test
    Friday:  am leaving open in case we need more time.
    December 7 - December 11
    Monday: Simplify radicals homework.
    Tuesday: intro to transformations.  IXL and note taking.
    Wednesday: more transformations.
    Thursday: more transformations.
    Friday: Online tools training for the MAP practice which will take place December 16 and 17.
    November 30 - December 4
    Monday: Learning distance using the Pythagorean Theorem.
    Tuesday: Finding the distance given 2 points.
    Wednesday: Define rational and irrational numbers.
    Thursday: Simplifying radicals.
    Friday: Stations.
    FYI:  Homework will be given on days when students are ready to show what they have learned.
    November 23 - November 24
    Monday: IXL  (distance)
    Tuesday: Stations. No homework! Happy Thanksgiving to all!
    November 16 - November 20
    Monday: parallel lines and a transversal
    Tuesday: worksheet or IXL over Monday's lesson
    Wednesday: review of the coordinate plane
    Thursday: using the coordinate plane to find distance
    Friday: Quiz
    November 9 - November 13
    Monday: go over quiz from Friday.  Write equations for complementary and supplementary angles.
    Tuesday: Find missing angle in a triangle and maybe a quadrilateral
    Wednesday: Veterans Assembly and field trip to the Branson Landing.
    Thursday:  IXL
    Friday: IXL
    November 2 - November 6
    Monday: take notes over geometry terms.  No homework!
    Tuesday: homework over the triangle sum theorem.
    Wednesday: work over complementary and supplementary angles.
    Thursday: more work over complementary and supplementary angles.
    Friday: Quiz. End of term 2!
    October 26 - October 30
    We will spend the entire week using the Pythagorean Theorem to find the "legs", the hypotenuse, and determining whether or not we have a right triangle.  This is call the "converse".
    October 19 - October 23
    Monday: IXL
    Tuesday: review for test
    Wednesday: test over equations and inequalities
    Thursday: Intro to the Pythagorean Theorem
    Friday: IXL
    October 12 - October 16
    Monday and Tuesday we will be NWEA testing.
    Wednesday: grade our multi step inequalities from Friday.
    Thursday: more inequalities.
    Friday: Advanced MAP field trip to SDC.  No homework!
    October 5 - October 9
    Monday: Go over quiz from Friday.  Intro to inequalities. No homework.
    Tuesday: 2 step inequalities on IXL.
    Wednesday: 2 step inequalities homework.  Due Thursday.
    Thursday: multi - step inequalities IXL.
    Friday: multi - step inequalities worksheet due Monday.
    September 28 - October 2
    Monday: Worksheet reviewing properties and like terms.
    Tuesday: solve equations with parenthesis worksheet.
    Wednesday: solve equations with more than one variable but still on same side of the = sign.
    Thursday: Solve equations with variables on both sides of the = sign.
    Friday: Quiz.  No homework for the weekend.
    IXL will also be used throughout the week!
    September 21 - September 25
    Monday: Study guide for test.
    Tuesday: Test
    Wednesday: whiteboards
    Thursday: homework over multi step equations.  worksheet or IXL.
    Friday: IXL.
    September 14 - September 18
    Monday: 2-step equations worksheet or IXL
    Tuesday: intro to multi step equations, first review like terms.
    Wednesday: multi step equations work
    Thursday and Friday: NWEA fall testing.
    September 8 - September 11
    Tuesday: go over quiz from Friday. Take notes over the properties.
    Wednesday: Properties worksheet and IXL.
    Thursday: Evaluate Algebraic expressions worksheet. 
    Friday: intro to equations.  
    August 31 - September 4
    Monday: use white boards to work with the Distributive Property.
    Tuesday: worksheet/IXL over Dist. Property
    Wednesday: un-Distribute whiteboards.
    Thursday: IXL/worksheet over Dist. Property.
    Friday: quiz #1
    August 24 - August 28
    Monday: box and whisker worksheet due Tuesday.
    Tuesday: GCF and LCM we will work on whiteboards.
    Wednesday: worksheet over GCF and LCM due Thursday.
    Thursday: review arithmetic with integers. Worksheet due Friday or IXL.
    Friday: intro to Distributive Property.
    August 18 - August 21
    Tuesday: Relationship building and first days information.
    Wednesday: Share more information. Work on whiteboards.
    Thursday: Interpret box and whisker plots.  Review mean, median, and mode.  Worksheet will be given.  Due Friday.
    Friday: Grade work from Thursday.  Intro to  LCM and GCF.  No homework today!!
    June 1 - June 1
    Monday: Last day of school.  We will be attending 4 - 7 hours.  School will dismiss at 10:40 a.m.
    Enjoy your summer break!  Thanks for a great school year!
    May 26 - May 29
    Tuesday: review for quiz
    Wednesday: quiz over polynomials
    Thursday: housekeeping
    Friday: celebrate!
    May 18 - May 22
    Monday and Tuesday: NWEA testing
    Wednesday and Thursday: IXL working with polynomials
    Friday: quiz
    May 11 - May 15
    Monday: go over quiz from Friday.
    Tuesday: multiply polynomials
    Wednesday: multiply polynomials
    Thursday and Friday: evaluate polynomials
    May 4 - May 8
    Monday - Wednesday: we will be working on IXL
    Thursday: Polynomials worksheet
    Friday: in class activity.  no homework!
    April 27- May 1
    Monday: intro to polynomials
    Tuesday: work over Monday's lesson.
    Wednesday: operations with polynomials.
    Thursday: Report to the big gym during your hour.
    Friday: no homework!
    April 20 - April 24
    Monday: MAP testing!
    Tuesday: MAP activity
    Wednesday: MAP testing!
    Thursday and Friday: all students in my 4th - 5th hours will report to the big gym.
    April 13 - April 17
    We are continuing with our ELA MAP testing this week during 1st hour.
    When we meet each day we will be preparing for the 8th Math MAP.  Work will be given daily to complete during class.
    April 6 - April 10
    This week we are going to be taking practice tests for the MAP.
    Thursday and Friday we will be taking the practice online tools test for the MAP.  
    March 30 - April 2
    MAP testing begins this week for Science.  In Pre-Algebra we will focus on formulas for area, perimeter, and volume.  Work will be given during class each day.
    March 23 - March 27
    This week will be spent on learning the formulas for area and volume of 3-D objects and an introduction to solving systems of inequalities.  Homework will be given on certain days.
    March 9 - March 13
    Monday: test over systems
    Tuesday:intro to inequalities
    Wednesday: homework over inequalities
    Thursday: enrichment
    Friday: half day. enjoy Spring Break!
    March 2 - March 6
    Monday- write equations in slope intercept form from standard form worksheet.
    Tuesday: study guide
    Wednesday: test over systems of equations
    Thursday: intro to exponents
    Friday: enrichment
    February 23 - February 27
    We will follow what was down for last week.
    February 16 - February 20
    Monday: solve systems by substitution
    Tuesday and Wednesday: IXL training
    Thursday: systems word problems
    Friday: enrichment
    February 9 - February 13
    Monday: solve systems by elimination
    Tuesday: homework over Monday's lesson
    Wednesday: solve systems by substitution
    Thursday: homeowork over Monday's lesson
    Friday: enrichment
    February 2 - February 6
    Monday: linear packet , graphing systems
    Tuesday: homework over systems
    Wednesday: IXL training
    Thursday: solve systems by elimination
    Friday: solve systems by substitution
    January 26 - January 30
    Monday: graph lines using slope (IXL v.13)
    Tuesday: IXL training
    Wednesday: review for test
    Thursday: test
    Friday: in class activity with linear functions.
    January 19 - January 23
    Monday: work on Performance task that was given Friday. Due Tuesday.
    Tuesday and Wednesday: IXL training.
    Thursday: determine the slope of a line given 2 points. worksheet due Friday.
    Friday: half day!
    January 12 - January 16
    Monday: determine types of slope
    Tuesday and Wednesday: IXL
    Thursday: write equations from a table or graph
    Friday: continue from Thursday
    January 6 - January 9
    Tuesday: Welcome back! Review transformations, radicals, and Pythagorean Theorem.
    Wednesday: Intro to Linear equations in 2 variables.
    Thursday: Homework with linear equations
    Friday: white boards. No homework!
    December 15 - December 15
    Monday: continue on our packet we received Friday
    Tuesday: packet is due.  Work with IXL.
    Wednesday: work with IXL
    Thursday: in class activity
    Friday: Last day of the year.  No homework!
    December 8 - December 12
    Monday: identifying types of numbers
    Tuesday: same as Monday
    Wednesday: review for test
    Thursday: test 
    Friday: receive next packet with the Smarter Balanced questions.  Due Tuesday of next week.
    December 1 - December 5
    This week we are going to receive a packet from the Smarter Balanced test.  There will be homework given over Pythagorean Theorem and the 4 transformations.
    November 24 - November 25
    Monday: review for quiz
    Tuesday: quiz over the Pythagorean Theorem
    November17 - November 21
    Monday and Tuesday working with IXL
    Wednesday - Friday: we will be working with the Pythagorean Theorem.  Work and/or in class activities will be taking place.
    November 10 - November 14
    Monday: study for test
    Tuesday: test over 1st part of geometry
    Wednesday: go over test, intro to the Pythagorean Theorem
    Thursday: Pythagorean Theorem worksheet
    Friday: in class activity.
    November 3 - November 7
    Monday: transformations worksheet
    Tuesday and Wednesday: NWEA testing
    Thursday: in class assignment
    Friday: working in stations
    October 27 - October 31
    This week we will be concentrating on the 3 transformations.  Homework will be given on select days.
    Thursday is a half day attending afternoon hours.
    Friday is a half day attending morning hours.
    Parent/Learner conferences are Thursday.  I look forward to seeing you there!!
    October 20 - October 24
    Monday: worksheet over complementary angles
    Tuesday: supplementary angles worksheet
    Wednesday: intro to parallel lines
    Thursday: IXL
    Friday: IXL
    October 13 - October 17
    Monday: triangle sum theorem
    Tuesday: computer lab 201
    Wednesday: complementary angles
    Thursday: supplementary angles
    Friday: half day!!
    October 6 - October 10
    Monday: intro to inequalities no homework!
    Tuesday: work will be given over Monday's lesson
    Wednesday: triangle sum theorem we will work on white boards
    Thursday: work from Wednesday's lesson
    Friday: in class activity.  No homework!
    September 29 - October 3
    Monday: intro to multi step equations.  work on white boards
    Tuesday: worksheet over Monday's lesson.
    Wednesday: computer lab 201 
    Thursday: computer lab 201
    Friday: in class activity.  No homework!
    September 22 - September 26
    Monday: simplify expressions with the Dist. Property.  Homework due tomorrow.
    Tuesday: review for test.
    Wednesday: Test 1
    Thursday: go over test start multi step equations.
    Friday: in class activity with equations.  No homework.
    September 15 - September 19
    Monday: Equations worksheet due tomorrow.
    Tuesday: Equations using the distributive property worksheet due tomorrow.
    Wednesday: recall combining like terms and introduce with distributive property.  No homework.
    Thursday: worksheet over yesterday's lesson.
    Friday: no homework!
    September 8 - September 12
    Monday: notes over the properties
    Tuesday: order of operations homework
    Wednesday: intro to equations whiteboards
    Thursday: 2-step equations homework
    Friday: no homework!
    September 2 - September 5
    Tuesday: Distributive property.  Homework due Wednesday.
    Wednesday: factoring.  Homework due Thursday.
    Thursday: Working with properties.  Homework due Friday.
    Friday: Quiz. No homework!!
    Welcome back students!
    August 21 - August 29
    Thursday and Friday: Relationship building and first days information.
    Monday: Work in stations for assessment.
    Tuesday: Interpret box and whisker plots, review mean, median, and mode. Homework will be given and graded on Wednesday, August 27th.
    Wednesday: Application problems for GCF and LCM.  We will not have homework but we will work on our whiteboards.
    Thursday: working with temperatures above and below zero degrees.  Homework will be given due the next day.
    Friday: Working with types of slope.  In class work will be given.  No homework for the weekend!!