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    Dear Parental Unit,


    I know you have several of these to read so I’ll try not to be boring! I am Ms. Spencer, and I’ll be teaching your offspring LIFE science.  We will talk about, investigate, observe and experiment with as much “life” as we can this year. All of the things we will learn about will be useful in life and most can be found in, on, and around our bodies! 

    The best way you can help your budding scientist is to be involved. This is as simple as asking “learn any cool stuff today?”   Now I know there’s this big adolescent thing that’s “supposed” to happen--kids grow big, hairy horns and breathe fire, or something – but Don’t Run Away! I will send home topics for them to share with you which will often be part of their homework assignment (This will also provide some quality time to share together and have something to talk about.)

    Always feel free to contact me if you ever have questions, concerns, or just want to come to class. Easiest way: web-page!!! Go to the school web site www.branson.k12.mo.us/jh. Click on ‘classrooms’. Each teacher has a webpage that will show homework, contact info., class information, etc. Other ways to reach me are: e-mail: spencerk@branson.k12.mo.us and voicemail is 334-3087 ext 3112. Don’t forget we also have PARENT PORTAL for grade checking! My cell number is 417-337-0112 if you, or your child should ever need to contact me after school with questions. (I have unlimited texting-just be sure to tell me who you are!)

     I am very excited to get to work with your genetic creation. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Scientifically yours,

     Kris Spencer : )



    Grades will fall under several categories in order to better communicate what the student actually “knows” vs. “does”.

    Activities will fall under these categories in the gradebook headings and percentages of grade:


        *Classwork (15%) : includes class practice, homework, some labs

        *Assessment (30%): includes quizzes, some projects, some labs

        *Test   (40%): Includes unit tests, some unit projects

        *Participation (15%): points will be deducted from this category if

                                         Assignments are missing/late


    * Only one rule must be followed…”Treat others the way that you

       want to be treated” …that covers everything J



    ·        How to solve ALL your problems

    ·        The things you need to keep you alive and why

    ·        Cells…their cool tricks, and how you can’t live without them

    ·        Movement of molecules in/out of cells, become various compounds, but are NEVER destroyed

    ·        Things that make you sick and how you can avoid them

    ·        Cool parts of your body and how they work together so you live

    ·        Different ways organisms continue their species

    ·        Where bacteria live, grow, help/hurt you, and what kills them

    ·        Things that swim with you in the lake…other than fish!

    ·        Animals, see their body parts, learn where they live

    ·        How you can help/hurt your chances of survival on the planet




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