• Visiting artist shares her passion with kids 

    Posted: Tuesday, October 28, 2014 2:37 pm

    Sara Karnes | 

    Branson Buchanan Elementary School students had the opportunity to work on a project alongside a visiting artist, Angie Pickman.

    Many artists know exactly what medium they love almost immediately. But for Pickman, she didn’t discover her niche until graduate school.

    “I always wanted to be an artist,” said Pickman, of Lawrence, Kansas. “I did art here and there, but never really found something that clicked with me.

    “Then I saw this animation (‘The Adventures of Prince Achmed’) when I was in graduate school and it was silhouette, stop-motion animation. It hit me.”

    Pickman said she leaped into the animation world with cut paper puppets about 10 years ago.

    “And,” Pickman said indicating to her artwork, “that’s what started all of this.”

    Although her animation has tapered off, Pickman said her two-dimensional pieces thrive.

    “My technique has stayed the same over the years,” Pickman said.

    As a cut paper artist, Pickman cuts out her mostly black-papered subjects by hand. Once that step is finished, she uses a utility knife to get the finer details.