• Makery Station Activities

    Osmo Masterpiece
    1. Watch the introductory video to see what it can do.
    2. Watch the directions video from Mrs. Matzat, and then draw a picture of yourself!
    LEGO WeDo Robotics
    1. Watch the tutorial video to find out how to make the airplane and program it on your laptop.
    2. Watch the directions video from Mrs. Matzat to find out how to get started on your assignment.
    1. Watch the directions video from Mrs. Matzat to learn how to use the littleBits kits, then follow the directions in the book to the self-driving vehicle.
    2. This short video shows a finished product of what you will be creating, though your vehicle will not have the battery dragging the floor.
    Snap Circuits 
    1. Watch the directions video from Mrs. Matzat to find out your assignment and learn some tips for using the Snap Circuits. 
    2. Start with experiment 1 in the book. If you have time, you can continue on to the next ones until time is up. 
    3. If you get confused, you can watch the following video that shows how the first 10 experiments work.
    Makey Makey 
    1. Watch the directions video from Mrs. Matzat to learn how to connect your Makey Makey to the computer.
    2. Go to the how-to page of the website to learn the basics of the Makey Makey. You will need this website to do your assignment.
    3. Practice connecting yourself and using the bongos. 
    4. You can then experiment with other materials to see which ones are conductive and will make it work. Try the drums and piano pages or any of the other links on the how-to page.


    1. Watch the introduction video to what Bloxels can do.
    2. Watch the tutorial video on how to Build & Test Games.
    3. Watch the tutorial video on Characters
    4. Watch the video directions from Mrs. Matzat to find out your building task with Bloxels.
    1. Watch the directions video from Mrs. Matzat. Pay close attention as it is very important that you use the correct iPad with the correct robot.
    2. Use the Lightning Lab app on the iPad to program the Sphero to move and change color (the video will call it the SPRK app - they just changed the name). Be sure to take your robot into the main library area and stay far away from your other classmates using Spheros.
    Storyboard That 
    1. The first week you use this tool, you will need to sign up for Storyboard That.  
    2. Click the orange LOG ON button in the upper right corner.
    3. Click on the blue I'm a New User button.
    4. On the right side of the screen under Social Login, check the little box that says you accept term. Then click the red Google+ button.
    5. On the next screen, change your username to your normal school username. 
    6. Click ok, and you should be good to go.
    7. Watch the tutorial video to learn to create your storyboard.
    8. Create your first story!