•                                                                                 3rd Grade Guidance Lessons


    August:  Meet the Counselor Lunches-What does a counselor do?

    September: Character trait: Respect-Treating others with courtesy and honor. Social skill: Play behavior.  Habit 1,2

                         Read The Energy Bus: Discuss staying positive and overcoming challenges

                         Victim Center speaker


    October:  Character trait: Responsibility-Taking ownership of what you say and do.  Social skills: Nonverbal communication, conversational skills. Habit 3,4, 5,6,7

                     Read: The Worst Day of My Life Ever: Discuss listening and following directions.

                     Read: Sally Sore Loser: A Story about Winning and Losing.


    November: Character Trait: Citizenship-being loyal to your country. Social skill: How to handle emotions. Habits 1,2,34

                       Read Peer Pressure Gauge-Talk about how to stand up to peer pressure.

                       Read Emily Breaks Free-Discuss the importance of not taking part in bullying or being a bystander to try to gain approval.


    December: Character trait: Compassion and Kindness-caring for others. Habit 5,6,7  Social skill: Self regulation

                       Read: The Tease Monster-discuss the difference between teasing and bullying.


    January:  Character trait: Commitment-being true to your word. Social skill: Problem solving Habit 1,2,3,4

                     Wilma Jean and the Worry Machine: Discuss rock problems (you can't change) vs play doh problems (you can change)

                     Read Rising Above the Storm Clouds: What it's like to forgive. Discuss the power of forgiveness.


    February: Character trait: Honesty-being truthful in what you say and do. Social skill: Problem solving. Habit 5,6,7

                     Read Eli's Lie-O-Meter  Discuss the importance of telling the truth.

                     Mind up lesson 1: Discuss parts of the brain and how they work.


    March: Character trait: Cooperation-Working together toward a common goal. Social skill-Compliments  Habit 1,2,3,4

                 Read Sneaky Weasel  Discuss truth telling and integrity

                 Mind Up Lesson 2: Mindful awaereness, review how to handle anger


    April: Character trait: Perseverance-demonstrating persistent determination. Social skill: flexibility. Habits 5,6,7

                Mind up lesson 3: Core breathing practice, review parts of the brain and how to handle anger. Role play.

               Read Don't Be Afraid to Drop-discuss having courage to face transition and change.


    May: Character trait: Self-Discipline-training and conrolling of yourself. Social skill:Compliments

              Minilesson-6 Career Paths, upcoming Career Day

              Career Day presentations