• Wildlife Artist:

    Tim Cherry 
    tim fishing  
    Tim Cherry, a longtime resident of Branson, loves nature, the outdoors, and wildlife. Growing up in Canada, Tim connected with his surroundings as a hiker, hunter, fisherman, and guide. Tim was drawn to taxidermy, the science of preserving animal skins. He learned the trade, which then led to a different preservation of animals through fine art. Tim took on work in foundry arts, turning molten metals into cast masterpieces for other artists. Tim began to follow the trail back to the artist's studio where clay met armature. Essentially self-taught, Tim eased into sculpting the clay into the majestic forms he had fallen in love with as a young man.
     tim rabbit  
      lexee and crosby  
     Much of Tim's work is displayed in galleries in the northern and western parts of the United States. Many commissioned works are in hospitals, airports, universities, corporations, and private collections.
    Tim and his wife, Linda, have lived in Branson for 20-some years, have a grown daughter, and a beautiful black Giant Schnauzer, Tikka.    

    Mr. Cherry's Sculptures in a New Mexico Gallery Garden


    tim raccoon  
        tim and tikka  
    Mr. Cherry visited Buchanan Elementary February 24 and 25, 2016. 
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    Mr. and Mrs. Cherry returned to school in late January to bring 'Stream Team' to it's new home. Buchanan Elementary is honored to receive such a tremendous sculpture to remember our visit with Tim.