• Communication

    Most communication will be done through the daily planner that students' are responsible for maintaining.  Information that isn't found in the daily student planner will either be sent home using Remind
     or through email.
    Technology Usage
    In this classroom we have the opportunity to use Chromebooks on a daily basis in our learning.  In order for all students to be able to take part in this opportunity, they will be required to complete and return a classroom technology usage policy.  This document outlines both expectations for technology use and consequences for improper use of classroom technology. 
    Student Planners

    In order to help students develop time management skills, as well as good organizational habits, all students will be required to fill out and maintain a daily planner.  Students will be asked to fill out the planner as the day progresses, and get it signed every night.  Failure to get the planner signed will result in a consequence for each day the planner is returned unsigned.

    Student Handbook

    Math Homework

    There will be math homework assigned several times a week.  Students will have an opportunity to start their homework in class.  Any work that is not finished will come home to be completed.  If work is taken home it is expected to be returned the following day. Failure to do so will result in a  loss of recess to complete the missing work and/or other consequences.  My intention is that the homework will not take the students longer than 10-15 minutes to complete. The homework is given based on how well your child grasps the skill taught during the daily EnVision Math lesson. Reteaching homework is for students that may have struggled to understand the skill, practice is for students that understand the skill but need practice applying it, and enrichment is for students that master a skill and are ready for a new challenge.