• Agriculture 2019-2020

    TEACHER:         Mr. Paul room 409

    I am available BEFORE & AFTER school if you need help. My PLAN TIME is 2nd hour, which is 8:38 to 9:32 on Monday through Thursday, and on Friday it is 8:28 to 9:12.

                            Email: paulw@branson.k12.mo.us

                            Phone: 334-3087 ex. 3409

                            Website: https://www.branson.k12.mo.us/Domain/997

    EXPECTATIONS (a.k.a. the rules):

    • Be Here! Attendance is the most important indicator of your success in the class. Being here means limiting your bathroom breaks- use good judgment to avoid missing information and to prevent distractions. You are ultimately responsible for any notes and handouts you miss.   (Reserve bathroom visits for the last five minutes of class, unless it is an emergency (please use discretion)… WHY??? Because important class announcements are made and assignments are collected at the beginning of class.)
    • Be Attentive!-Sleep well, Eat healthy, and Drink lots of H2O. Keeping your hands busy note-taking and doodling- sketching is an excellent way to keep your mind focused.
    • Be Motivated! First, people who are bored tend to be boring people. Second, whether you think you can or you think you can’t - you’re right. Understand the power of positive thinking.
    • Be Prepared! You need to bring paper, pencils, pens, highlighters, etc. PERSONAL NOTE- I DO NOT LEND WRITING UTENSILS WITHOUT COLLATERAL
    • Be Organized! If you can’t find it you can’t use it. You are required to have and use your planner.
    • Be Prompt! Tardiness is rude. Sometimes being late is unavoidable and that is why we have late passes, if you do not have a late pass you will be counted tardy!
    • Be Responsible! Make good decisions, not poor excuses. Admit mistakes, they are the best way to learn. Complaining is like a cold, it’s contagious - nobody wants to get sick and nobody wants to hear your whining. Keep your pessimism (and germs) to yourself.
    • Be Respectful! Keep in mind that you must respect yourself before you can respect anyone else.  
    • All rules from the BJHS student handbook apply. Know what your school expects from you!  

    If you deviate from the above expectations:

    Should problems arise with your behavior, attitude, and/or grade:

    • We will have an informal conference before/after class.
    • You will be asked to leave class (hallway or office).                             
    • I will contact your parents/guardians.
    • You will be given a disciplinary referral to the office.

    Grading Procedures and Policies

     Responsibility/Participation: Classwork, homework, labs and other activities

     Quizzes and Projects: Periodic checks for Understanding.

     Tests: Where you prove to me what you know and can do.  

     I highly encourage you to actively involve yourself in class by taking notes (colored pencils & pens, highlighters, markers, etc.) making sketches, participating in lectures, discussions, and demonstrations by sharing your thoughts, opinions, and ASKING QUESTIONS. Remember it is your responsibility to note when assignments are due and turn them in.

    • DON’T turn in an assignment without your name.
    • DO label your assignments with date and period.
    • DON’T repeatedly lose worksheets/handouts and have to ask for another copy.
    • DON’T turn in an INDIVIDUAL assignment that is identical to someone else’s, you will lose ALL points!
    • DO your best on assignments, it makes a huge difference in what you will learn.

    At the beginning of a unit I will give you information about how long the unit is and what kinds of things we will be doing in the unit. I will always let you know at least a half week in advance when the unit test is scheduled.

    If you are absent from class it is your job to make arrangements with me to make up missed assignments. I will provide you with an opportunity to make up work in a timely fashion. Please note that making up labs, tests and some other activities will sometimes need to be done before or after school.

    Late work will be accepted at any time. There may be penalties in your Responsibility/Participation grade for late work.