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    Mrs. Louise Bremer -
       Louise Bremer was born into art. Her father trained to be an art teacher in northwestern Missouri and she learned from him how to draw, paint, and put things on paper. After attending the University of Missouri to study art, Mrs. Bremer met her husband, Don. Together they shared a life in the military that had them moving around the country as they grew a family of 4 children. Mrs. Bremer's passion for art remained with painting, drawing, crafting when time allowed. Upon her husband's retirement, she moved to Branson. Her passion now had more time and dedication as her children had grown and left home. She is busy illustrating other children's book as well as publishing several adult coloring books.
       Her preferred tools of her trade are Prismacolor colored pencils as the soft lead will blend and cover surfaces well. She uses a drafting table as her work space, jointed lamp, modern light table, 2 kinds of erasers, standard #2 pencils, thin-tipped black markers and simple photocopy paper for her current book illustrations. Mrs. Bremer's business partners send her their story ideas in a manuscript with notes about what parts they want drawn out. Louise must chose the character's look as well as the setting and background to go along with the story line.
       Adding to her home studio are her cat and dog as seen in the photos below.
    Mrs. Bremer visited Buchanan Elementary March 28 and 29, 2017! She shared a her newest manuscript with the students and allowed them to illustrate about a character named Sophie and her dog, Doodles. Ask your son or daughter to tell you more about it, please!
    Watch her demonstration with colored pencils here.pencil
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