• Eligibility Requirements: To be a cheerleader one must have great school spirit and pride, be in good standing with their grades and have good cheerleading skills and techniques. Tumbling experience is preferred but, not required.


    Time Commitment: Tryouts are the month of April or the end of March. Varsity/competition cheerleaders are committed from May until the end of February. Junior Varsity cheerleaders are committed two weeks during the summer and August through the end of February. Cheerleaders will cheer for both basketball and football seasons.


    Procedure for Joining: Cheerleaders go through a week long process of learning and performing. By the end of the week through scores and elimination, a squad has been chosen. The top 16 make varsity and the next 12 make junior varsity (for both sports).


    Description: Varsity cheerleaders are the competition squad. They work all summer to form a routine and complete the last week of July. They then cheer for 10 varsity football games and varsity basketball games. If they place in regionals they compete again the second week of November. Junior varsity cheerleaders cheer for home football games that are either JV or 9th-grade games.

    Expectations: Members are expected to attend all practices and games. Members are also given a contract of high expectations that they must follow.  


    Genna Cornelisse    cornelisseg@branson.k12.mo.us

    Trista Hilton            hiltont@branson.k12.mo.us

    Caitlin Preston         prestonc@branson.k12.mo.us