• Transportation Dept.

    Robert Watson
    Director, Transportation
    Contact: 417-334-7986
  • Bus Passes
    The Transportation Department uses a bus pass system to assist in accounting for the whereabouts of students on buses. It also informs the drivers of a new student on their bus that may require a different stop other than the normal route.
    A parent/guardian must request a bus pass through the appropriate school office in writing, in person, or by phone.
    The request must include the following specific information:
    1. Student’s name
    2. Effective date(s) for the bus pass. “As required or as needed” is not an acceptable effective date.
    3. Full street address where the student is going.
    4. Contact phone number of either the parent/guardian or the responsible person where the student is going.
    New Students 
    When a student registers with the school, the school office will assign the student to the proper bus route. The school office will also provide
     approximate pick-up/drop-off times as well as location. If not, you can contact the Transportation Center at 334-7986 and we will provide this information.
    Kindergarten and new students unfamiliar with bus riding are a serious concern for drivers. A parent or guardian must accompany young students to their bus stop for both morning pickup and afternoon drop-off. Drivers are instructed to return students to the Transportation Center if they consider an unattended drop unsafe.  
    (Transportation Center is located at 1010 Buchanan Rd)
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