• To be eligible for athletics, you must meet the following requirements:
    Earned, during the preceding semester of attendance, a minimum of 3.0 units of credit or have earned credit in 80% of the maximum allowable classes in which any student can be enrolled in the semester, whichever is GREATER, at Branson High School or your former school.
    For your current semester, you must be enrolled in and regularly attending courses that offer 3.0 units of credit or 80% of the maximum allowable credits which may be earned at Branson High School, whichever is GREATER.Credits earned or completed after the close of the semester will not fulfill this requirement.
    Summer high school courses for FALL academic eligibility may count provided the course is necessary for graduation or promotion (no electives), and credit is placed on the school transcript. No more than one unit of credit in summer school shall be counted toward fall eligibility.
    Students promoted for the first time into 9th grade are considered academically eligible for the first semester after promotion.Coaches of sports may set a minimum grade point average (GPA) for participation in competition and/or practice for his/her sport.
    In addition to the academic requirements, you must have the following information on file with the Branson Athletic Director:
    1. MSHSAA Physical Form (Must be current, within one calendar year)
    3. BSD Student Drug Testing Permission (Board Policy JFCI-AP.BNS)
    4. Kidguard Insurance (Board Policy JHA-C.1A)
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