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Medical Explorers

Eligibility Requirementsfor Medical Explorers

Do you know a student who is thinking about a health care career? Now is the best time to start thinking about becoming a CoxHealth Medical Explorer! Once approved for the program, Medical Explorers membership is good for one year.


Medical Explorers Post 229 started in November 1968 as one of the first medical exploring posts in the United States. The CoxHealth Medical Explorers program is a rewarding, non-traditional educational avenue for students aged 15-20 trying to decide if a health care career fits into their future. All qualifications must be met to be eligible for this exclusive, high quality program.

This is the application for Medical Explorers. Here is the link for more information about Medical Explorers.

Time Commitment

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Friday's of every month. 


We meet at 1:30 on Friday in the pirate room. 

Procedure for Joining

At the beginning of the school year, we will have enrollment forms. You must be a member to do the activities or go on field trips. 


We have guest speakers, activities such as learning how to start an IV, and field trips for more practice with health care procedures.
You must join and attend the meetings to go on field trips. 

Email Sponsor

Ruth Huntsman

  • Feb 13, 2015. Thirteen Future Health Care Club members received CPR training from Amber Clark, who is with Cox College. Amber brought Carol Bland and Angela McCowan to help with the training. They were kind enough to bring their materials to Branson High School so that the students would not have to travel. The students would like to thank Cox for the opportunity for this training.
    CPR 1 CPR 4