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FFA Attended MU Field Day

Branson FFA members attended the University of Missouri Research Center’s annual Field Day on September 13. The Field Day is designed to showcase the many agricultural careers available and provide insight as to requirements for these careers. Areas of agricultural career opportunities include animal science, plant science, fruit/vegetable production, soil science and agricultural mechanics. The students are under the direction of Nicole Crocker and Aaron Magnuson.

BHS students participating in the MU Field Day include:  Quinton Hinds, Jolie Clotfelter, Nicole Brown, Savannah Mazzola, Casey Turner, Ian Dicken, Ashlee Hill, Wyatt Ridinger, Molly Hagston, Bailey Lee, Trenton King, Brandi Toomis, Jordan Nichols, Gabriela Attaway, Corban Smith, Sheila Brand, Nick Westfall, Sam Redford, Delanie Taylor, Jasmine Richard, Makenna Waymire, Kameron Hampton, Dylan Chaney, Justin Bailey, Lucas Redford, Severo Vargas, Jackqualyn Burnell, Alex Brenner, Rebecca Gaut, Paydon Henderson, Bailey Shay, Robert Ford, Tehani Agawa and Ivan Fulton.