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FFA Students Attend Greenhand Conference

FFA students attended the Area 12 Greenhand Conference at Missouri State University on September 25. Members attending had the opportunity to participate in workshops led by the Area 12 Officer Team. Workshops included topics such as FFA careers, judging livestock and horses and instructions on how to keep a record book. The students are under the direction of Nicole Crocker and Aaron Magnuson.

FFA members attending included: Jack Burnell, Kayla Brenner, Damien Corum, Kloee Homan, Trevor Mazzola, Alexis James, Sibelle Cortes, Shelly Wilder, Adriana Spear, Joel Robertson, Gabby Graen, Tristen Custer, Kattlyn Williams, Jo Don Kirkland, Ashleigh Gregg, Grace Tate, Connor Candler, Brittany Jones, Andrew Duncan, Isaiah Fulton, Elizabeth Adams, Kamber Hawkins Fei Li Gilbert, Emmalea King, Madison Stewart, Kiara Hart, Carlos Galvan, Kylee Reiser, Noah Anderson, Rebecca Gaut, Remington Collins, Elijah Young, Daylon Studyvin and Daniel Kotov.