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ACT Scores Released for 2018

Branson High School's ACT composite scores, along with the state composite scores are in according to a report released earlier this month by the ACT organization.   The ACT exam is required for admission to most colleges and universities.  Six-year averages for Branson and Missouri are below:
                                Branson              State                  

2012-2013                   22.4                 21.6                

2013-2014                   22.0                 21.8                

2014-2015                   22.1                 21.7                

2015-2016                   19.9                 20.2

2016-2017                   20.1                 20.4

2017-2018                   20.2                 20.0

This decline in composite scores over the last three years can be explained, in large part, to the mandatory ACT exam required of all eleventh graders.  The ACT exam has been part of Missouri’s statewide testing program since the 2015-2016 school year.