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BI/CRI Math Winners Advance

Buchanan Intermediate hosted the Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics contest November 17. Competitors were among 150 students representing 15 area elementary schools. The students are under the direction of Shannon Pagan, fourth grade instructor, and Nancy Wray, sixth grade instructor.


Branson students earning math awards include the following:

Number Sense

Fourth Grade - Reid Jenkins, 2nd; Pierson Dean, 5th; Samuel Vejraska, 6th; Lily Gones, 7th; and Moneish Tailor, 10th

Fifth Grade – Trevor Wasielewski, 1st; Jace Fuller, 2nd; Ethan Zirbel, 3rd; Smith Quigg, 5th; Will Sawford, 7th

Sixth Grade – Connor Wasielewski, 5th; Clara Dean, 7th; Luke Adkisson, 8th; and Marcus Schielke, 10th


Target Round

Fifth Grade – Trevor Wasielewski, 1st; Ben Kirk, 4th; Jace Fuller, 5th; Tobe Strickland, 6th

Sixth Grade – Luke Adkisson, 10th, Addison Patrick, 10th


Sprint Round

Fourth Grade – Jovie Farley, 2nd; Pierson Dean, 3rd; Moneish Tailor, 8th; Reid Jenkins, 9th; and Lily Gones, 10th

Fifth Grade – Jace Fuller, 7th; Tobe Strickland, 8th

Sixth Grade - Logan Velvet, 9th; Malory Carlock, 10th


Team Results

Harley Viall, Trevor Wasielewski, Logan Velvet and Connor Wasielewski – 1st

Jovie Farley, Justine Patinople and Malory Carlock – 2nd

Eliza Roebuck, Remington Holmes, Clara Dean and Alexee Garner – 3rd


Individual Winners

Fourth Grade – Jovie Farley, 2nd; Moneish Tailor, 9th

Fifth Grade – Trevor Wasielewski, 1st


Overall (all test scores combined)

Fourth Grade – Pierson Dean, 3rd; Reid Jenkins, 6th; Lily Gones, 9th; Crosby Garner, 10th

Fifth Grade – Jace Fuller, 3rd; Will Sawford, 5th; Tobe Strickland, 6th


Regional Qualifiers (advancing)

Fourth Grade – Pierson Dean, Lily Gones, Grant Hunter, Reid Jenkins, Eliza Roebuck, Samuel Vejraska; and Jovie Farley

Fifth Grade – Jace Fuller, Remington Holmes, Ben Kirk, Smith Quigg, Will Sawford, Tobe Strickland, Ethan Zirbel; and Trevor Wasielewski

Sixth Grade – Luke Adkisson, Clara Dean, Alexee Garner, Marcus Schielke, Malory Carlock, Justine Pantinople, Logan Velvet, Harley Viall and Conner Wasielewski