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JH Science Night Results

Junior High science winners were announced February 8. The competition involved science experiments designed and researched by the students. It was open to all seventh and eighth graders and organized by the Junior High science faculty.

Results include:

Eighth Grade Catapult

Cameron Boss – 1st place; Madisyn Roman – 2nd place; Nathan Vijitbenjaronk – 3rd place; Ethan Holly – 4th place; Angel Hammond – 5th place; and Cade Grimm – 6th place

Seventh Grade Catapult

Caden Alms – 1st place and Rajan Raghani, 2nd place

Eighth Grade STEM

Chloe Ray – 1st place

Seventh Grade STEM

Josh Bliss – 1st place; Morgan Carlson – 2nd; Whitmore Clotfelter– 3rd place; Sheza Khan – 4th place; Paige Modglin and Haleigh Fox – 5th place; and Sage Rogers – 6th place

Eighth Grade Egg Drop

Nathan Vijitbenjaronk – 1st place; Cade Grimm – 2nd place; Skyla Gahagan – 3rd; Andrew Makuch – 4th place; Serai Martinez – 5th place; and Parker Ralls – 6th place

Seventh Grade Egg Drop

Sheza Khan – 1st place (and only egg to survive)