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State Vocal & Ensemble Ratings

Branson High School vocalists competed at the MSHSAA State Solo and Ensemble Contest held on the campus of the University of Missouri-Columbia April 26 and 27. The district contest was held in March and those achieving exemplary ratings advanced to the state contest. They are under the direction of Jacob Carlew.

Results from the State Contest include:

Jordan Kendrick, solo; Silver Rating

Hayley Davis, solo; Gold Rating

Owen Keene, solo; Gold Rating

Irielle McConnell, solo; Gold Rating

McShane Fish, solo; Bronze Rating

Jake Ayers, solo; Silver Rating

Alex Knudsen, solo; Gold Rating

Javin Terrell, Noah Kuipers, Hunter Hull, Jake Ayers, Mikaela Knudsen, Amber Large, Rebecca Prichard and Hayley Jewsbury; double quartet; Gold Rating

Owen Keene, Josh Schmitt, Bruce Holloway, Zach Seitz, Henry Holden, Jack Cott, Dominic Clark and Alex Knudsen; double quartet; Silver Rating

Taylor Sorenson, Toby Miller, Owen Keene, Weston Allen, Coleman Bicek and Ari Fishman, sextet; Bronze Rating

Darci Amburgy, Marah Pope, Kali Deroboam, Tearsin Johnson, Jaycee McCorkle, Sophia Gavin, Mackenzie Godfrey and Hayley Davis; double quartet; Silver Rating

Isley Johnson, Arrian Munden, Sadie Pead, Hayley Davis, Josh Schmitt, Sam Seitz, Jackson Miller and Dominic Clark; double quartet; Bronze Rating