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Results from SBU Math Contest

The Great Plains Math League kicked off its competitive season October 5 with a contest held on the campus of Southwest Baptist University. Among the 93 students representing 17 area high schools, the BHS Math Team had seven students competing. They are under the direction of Barb Cogdill and Lora Niles.

Saturday’s results are as follows:

Target Round (9th grade): Nathan Vijitbenjaronk, 2nd place; Annabelle Bissonnette, 3rd place

Sprint Round (8th grade): Isaac Badshah, 2nd place

Sprint Round (9th grade); Nathan Vijitbenjaronk, 1st place; Annabelle Bissonnette, 5th place

Sprint Round (10th grade); Stone Hose, 4th place

Sprint Round (11th grade); Tyke Wells, 5th place

Sprint Round (12th grade); Yijie Zhao, 5th place

Bissonnette, Vijitbenjaronk, Wells and Zhao will advance to the State GPML Contest scheduled in April 2020 and held on the campus of the University of Missouri-Columbia.