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BHS Hosts Annual Math Games

BHS hosted the 12th Annual Math Games Saturday, November 9 with 63 Branson students competing in the three-round event. The competition included a 45-minute multiple choice test relating to the student’s current math course, a Sudoku contest and a four-person elimination competition. The students are under the direction of Barb Cogdill and Lora Niles.

Results include:

Algebra I:  Nathan Mann (1st); Harleigh Hodges (2nd); and Joshua Aguilar (3rd)

Geometry:  Isaac Badshah (1st); Mohit Tailor (2nd); and Andrew Makuch (3rd)

Algebra II:  Stone Hose and Darren Gillen (1st place tie); Hayes Stark (2nd)

Statistics:  Michael Ellsworth (1st)

College Algebra:  Joshua Schmitt (1st); Raelynn Chavez (2nd); and Rachel King (3rd)

Pre-Calculus I:  Nathan Vijitbenjaronk (1st); Tyke Wells (2nd); and Zach Turner (3rd)

Calculus:  Ben Walworth (1st); Yijie Zhao (2nd); Rae Woods (3rd)

Sodoku:  Noah Hertlein

Round III Elimination:  Ian Avellanosa, Henry Holden, Nathan Vijitbenjaronk and Tyke Wells (Winning Team)