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New Layer of Security at BHS

We will add an additional layer of security to our daily routine at the High School beginning Monday, February 3. A new security system, known as Hall Pass Visitor Management, will be instituted for visitors who need to conduct business in areas beyond the High School office. This new program will be piloted for grades 9-12 with the possibility of being instituted school-wide next year.

Currently, visitors must press the button on the outside entry door to be allowed access to the building and the main office. This layer of security remains. If you need to go beyond the main office to conduct any business with a student or staff member, you will need to provide the secretary with your driver’s license. Your driver’s license will be scanned and submitted to a data base provided by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Once the license has been scanned, a photo ID visitor badge will be printed for you to wear while you are in the building. The ID visitor badge must be returned to the main office as you leave. There will be no exceptions to this new procedure.

If you are dropping off items in the main office, no change will occur with your current routine. The new procedure is only in place for those who need to go beyond the main office to conduct business. The new Hall Pass Visitor Management system will also provide the High School office personnel with a log of all visitors who are in the building at any given time.

This new level of security is being added as a result of our five-year plan to elevate and enhance our safe school environment. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we begin this new safety protocol at BHS.