Art Club

Art Club

Eligibility Requirements

To be in Art Club, you need to have creativity, a large imagination, & a great passion for the arts. Previously having, or being enrolled in an art class is not a requirement, but is preferred.Time Commitment

Art Club meets approximately twice a month for an hourly meeting. We also have several projects throughout the school year that members are required to attend.


Art Club meets every other Tuesday after school in room 410 at 3 pm.

Procedure for Joining We will have a couple of meetings at the beginning of the school year to offer students the opportunity to join. Students will be an official member once they attend two meeting and have paid their $10 dues.


Art Club is for students who have a great desire to create and support the arts. Art Club creates t-shirts for school functions, paints murals, makes dance decorations, does community art projects and takes a yearly trip to a large museum. Students are required to participate in these activities to be a member.


Members are expected to participate in activities, pay dues and attend monthly meetings.

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