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Parents As Teachers

This program is designed to provide support to families throughout pregnancy until their child enters Kindergarten. PAT is FREE to all families in the Branson School District. Services can begin during pregnancy and continue until the child enters kindergarten. Children learn more during their first five years than at any other time in their life, and this program helps parents understand how their child grows and learns. For more information, contact Dr. Staci Ray, Director of Early Childhood 336-1887, ext. 6002.

Services include:

Personal Visits - educators trained in child development offer suggestions for learning activities. The number of visits varies family to family.

Developmental Screenings - this is a summary of your child's development, focusing on language, cognitive, motor and social skills. Health, hearing and vision are also screened. Screenings are offered for children 3 months old through Kindergarten entry.

Referrals - connections with other community agencies are offered.

Various other activities and resources are available at times.

For more information contact:

Dr. Staci Ray, Director of Early Childhood - (417) 336-1887 Ext. 6002


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