Counseling Department

The mission of the Counseling Department is to support the mission of the school district by addressing the academic, personal/social and career needs of students through our sequential guidance program.

Message to Parents and Students

It is important to recognize that your junior high school years are an important transition from youth to adulthood. It is a time to explore your interests while you prepare for challenges of high school, post-secondary education, vocational opportunities, and all the other complex responsibilities of the adult world.

The goal of this Counseling Office is to assist student learners in gaining self-understanding as a basis for setting constructive life goals which are consistent with one's abilities, interests, and aptitudes. By stretching your limits now, more opportunities will await you in the future.

Counseling Office Hours:


7:10 - 3:10

Phone: 417-334-3087

Fax: (417) 243-2525


Jacqueline Lourenco: ext. 3021

Tamara Eaves: ext. 3022

Guidance Office Secretary and Enrollment Registrar:

Karen Greening: ext. 3031