Eligibility Requirements: The eligibility requirements to participate in the Pride Winter Guard Program, you must perform an audition which includes; dance, flag, saber and/or rifle techniques in a routine to be selected.

Time Commitment: The Pride of Branson Band program is a competitive band program in all areas. There are opportunities for individuals to participate at the District and State levels. Concert, Jazz and Marching bands compete during the fall and spring semesters throughout the state. There are weekly sectionals in all ensembles that are required. Coffee House Jazz Band and The Pride of Branson Marching Band meet before school during the year. The Pride of Branson Marching Band will also have summer band camps to prepare for the competitive marching season.

Meets: The Pride Color Guard and Winter Guard meet before and after school for rehearsals.

Procedure for Joining: The Pride of Branson Marching Band will have a band fee that will help with uniform dry cleaning, meals at band camp plus at competitions, hotel stay, etc.

Description: The Pride of Branson Band Program has many opportunities for students to perform in ensembles or as a soloist for the school, community, throughout the state and in both the District and State levels. The program is here to develop musicianship, instrumental performance abilities, musical knowledge, and creativity.

Expectations: Members are expected to participate in all activities, pay dues and attend the mandatory rehearsals. Members will be expected to have a positive and productive attitude that will help maintain the ensembles at a high standard of productivity and performance.

Coach: Kayleigh Shaw