Virtual Clinics in Schools

Virtual Clinics in Schools
Branson Public Schools, in partnership with CoxHealth, is now offering Virtual Clinics in our schools.
Virtual Clinics, using virtual health care, will allow students, staff, and their dependents to be seen for basic medical needs or urgent care needs by a licensed CoxHealth provider during the school day, without ever leaving campus.

During the visits, participants will meet with a licensed physician or nurse practitioner using state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment at school. If caregivers can't be on-site during the visit, they can join the conference using a mobile device.

Many conditions can be treated such as strep throat, ear or sinus infections, pinkeye, rash or skin irritations, stomach flu, head lice, bug bites, congestion and minor injuries. Provider visits will be billed to insurance, but Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through CoxHealth will help cover the costs of visits for uninsured children. The district will pay for visits for employees and their dependents

CoxHealth has virtual clinics in 13 other school districts. Expanding telemedicine into these areas has shown to reduce the number of absences in children who would otherwise have to leave school to see a doctor. 

The telehealth facilitator will visit each campus as needed. To schedule an appointment for your student, email [email protected] or connect with your school nurse. To request to be seen as a staff member, follow these instructions.


Virtual Clinic FAQs.pdf

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Clinicas virtuales en las escuelas

For additional questions about Virtual Clinics in Schools:
call 417-269-8633 or 1-888-805-8956, or
email [email protected]