Kindergarten Report Cards

Kindergarten Report Cards

Kindergarten Report Card Sample

Parent Flyer- How to Help at with Reading Home

Branson Reading Philosophy

Click on a report card objective below to learn about how it is assessed and how to support that learning at home.  

Reading Objectives
Recognizes and names all uppercase letters of the alphabet (Coming Soon)
Recognizes and names all lowercase letters of the alphabet (Coming Soon)
Produces the sound associated with each letter (Coming Soon)
Listens and matches sentences to correct pictures
Listens and matches vocabulary to correct pictures
Demonstrates knowledge of rhyming words, counting syllables, and early reading skills
Demonstrates knowledge of letters, word families, and decoding skills
Reads sentences and matches the sentences to the correct pictures

Shows comprehension by listening and reading independently in fiction and non-fiction

Recognizes grade-level vocabulary
Writing Objectives
Coming Soon....
Math Objectives
Coming Soon....