Air Force JROTC


Email Sponsor: Lt Colonel Cris Brayman

Email Sponsor: Master Sergeant Quezon Atwood

AFJROTC stands for: "Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps" and our mission is to Develop Citizens of Character Dedicated to Service to our Nation and Community. AFJROTC was put in place by the U.S. Congress to ultimately prepare high schoolers to become stronger individuals, more dedicated patriots and better leaders, while developing and recognizing those who have the potential to become U.S. Air Force Officers/Airmen. We offer enhanced enlistment advantages and increased AFROTC and USAF Academy options and scholarships. However, we are not the military and we are not recruiters... our cadets are Branson Pirate High School students first and thus, we keep their BHS academic requirements as our first priority. We mentor and encourage every cadet to become the best they can be, for whatever endeavor they wish to pursue, whether as military or civilian professionals. The pictures below will show that we do amazing things... we are proud, we work hard, we compete, and we have FUN! Formal instruction includes leadership, aerospace science, and physical training. Corps-wide events, extracurricular activities, and competitive teams LED BY THE CADETS, include: Honor Guard, Exhibition Drill, Marksmanship (high-end air rifle competition) Aviators (with full-cockpit fighter simulators, quadcopters, rockets, etc.), Cyber Patriot (computer warfare competition), and Community Service (serving our schools, veterans, and community needs).