ACT/SAT Testing Information

Timeline for ACT or SAT Testing

All colleges will accept either the ACT or SAT. Students may want to take a practice test of each to see if they do better on one or the other and then prepare for that test. Most students at BHS take the ACT. The SAT is given at Missouri State University in Springfield.

Freshman Year (Grade 9)

Relax and get the lay of the land making sure to concentrate on your grades.

Sophomore Year (Grade 10)

October: Students may take the PSAT (basically a practice SAT) for practice only. The junior year is when this test may qualify you for possible scholarships.

May: Any appropriate AP exams (only if you took an AP course)

Summer Between Sophomore & Junior Years

Students may take ACT Prep as a class during their junior year. For those students who decide to do additional test prep or do not wish to take the ACT Prep class during the school year, this is an excellent spot for that effort. Since grades are very important, we advise students to move test preparation out of the school year and into the summer slot, thus reducing the pressure on the kids during the junior year. This is a great time to take an outside prep course, if desired.

Junior Year (Grade 11)

September/October: Take your first ACT or SAT exam only if you prepared during the recently concluded summer. Juniors may take the PSAT in October. This exam is used to qualify students for the National Merit Scholarship Program.

January/February: You may take the ACT or SAT, but it is fine to wait until March/April to do this if the timing is more convenient.

March/April: Take the ACT or SAT. For many students this will be their first crack at the exam, and it is a necessary tool to begin appropriate college planning. All Juniors will take the ACT during the school day in April.

May: Take the appropriate AP exams (if you took an AP class).

Summer Between Junior & Senior Years
For students who feel the need, this is a perfect time to take a prep or review class for the ACT or SAT. Since grades are very important, we advise students to move test preparation out of the school year and into the summer slot. This reduces stress during the very busy senior year.

Senior Year (Grade 12)

September or October: Take the ACT or SAT again if you are trying to raise your score.

December: Save this test date to clear up any test results that are still unsatisfactory. This is the last testing date for most competitive colleges.

ACT On-Campus Testing