Chess Club

Eligibility Requirements: To be in Chess Club, all you need is a desire to play chess! No prior experience needed-we'll teach you!

Time Commitment: We meet for one hour a week to play casual games. We also attend formal tournaments on a few Saturdays (all day) throughout the year, but tournaments are optional.

Meets: Meetings are every Wednesday after school from 2:30-3:30 in room 313.

Procedure for Joining: You may join Chess Club on your first visit-just let Mr. Willis know. However, official members are expected to attend regularly.

Description: Chess Club is designed to provide a casual environment in which students can play the game of chess. Play for fun, or play competitively-it's up to you!

Expectations: Casual games of chess, intense games of chess, and all around fun should be expected!

Sponsor: Office Mobley