Counseling Program

How Do Students Benefit From A School Counseling Program?

The counselor's primary task is to help ALL students become better learners by providing a comprehensive program that meets their academic, personal/social, and career development needs. This is accomplished by providing guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, and system support.

Counseling Curriculum

Classroom Guidance

The counselor teaches classroom lessons addressing basic life-long skills that are essential for academic, personal, and career success. Topics include goal setting, career interests, school planning, and career planning. View the career planning web site at .

Individual Planning

The counselor serves as a resource for both parents and students. When education, personal, or career planning questions arise, feel free to contact a counselor. The counselor may assist you with standardized test interpretation, test taking strategies, behavior plans, interest inventories, and schedule development.

Responsive Services

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is available for those students who need to talk. Students can receive individual counseling services through self-referrals, parent referrals, teacher referrals, or from counselor observation.

Group Counseling

Throughout the year, there will be opportunities to be part of a small group. Students will be invited to participate in small groups based on voluntary sign up by the students. Parent permission will be obtained before students participate in a small group. Topics will be determined by the need of students each year and may include; new student groups, stress management, student skills, changing families or loss.


There are times when a student and/or family may benefit from a more specialized source of help. In these cases, the counselor serves as a resource for families in referring them to social and community agencies.

Peer Support

Counselors help students understand and accept themselves and others. Counselors assist students in establishing and maintaining cooperative relationships.

System Support

The counselor seeks to enhance the total school counseling program by providing professional development for staff members, collaborating with community agencies, and working as a team with parents, teachers, and administrators.