2nd Grade Counseling Lessons

2nd Grade Guidance Lessons

August: Meet the Counselor Lunches-What does a counselor do in our school?

September: Character trait: Respect: Treating others with courtesy and honor. Social Skills-Play behaviors Habit 1,2 Stories: How Grinner Became a Winner 1,2

I can be a winner! I can show I'm a winner!

Victim Center speaker

October: Character trait: Responsibility: Taking ownership of what you say and do. Social Skills-Nonverbal communication, conversational skills Habit 5,6,7

How Grinner Became a Winner stories 3,4, 5,6 : I can show I'm a Winner, I can start like a winner, I can finish like a winner

November: Character trait: Citizenship: Being loyal to your country. Social Skill: How to handle emotions. Habit 1,2 Discussion.

Read The Grouchies: How does a bad mood affect others. Read Tom the Turkey with the Terrible Temper. Discuss how to deal with anger.

December: Character trait: Compassion and kindness-Caring for others. Social skill: Self regulation. Habits 5,6,7

Read: The Band-aid Chicken How not to be a bully bystander.

Read Zach Gets Frustrated. Create Frustration Triange, discuss coping strategies for dealing with frustration.

January: Character trait: Commitment-Being true to your word. Social skill: Problem solving. Habit 1,2,3,4

Read Wilma Jean and the Worry Machine: How to handle worry.

Read Bully Beans. Discuss ways to cope with bullying.

February: Character trait: Honesty-being truthful in what you say and do. Social skill: Problem solving. Habit 5,6

Read I Can't Believe You Said That! Talk about honesty and bragging.

Mind up lesson 1: Discover parts of your brain and how they work.

March: Character trait: Cooperation: Working together toward a common goal. Social Skill: Compliments Habit 1,2,3,4

Read: Soda Pop Head, discuss how to handle anger.

Read I Just Don't Like the Sound of No. Discuss handling no appropriately.

April: Character trait: Perseverance-demonstrating persistent determination. Social skill: Flexibility Habit 5,6

Discuss the difference between a job (short term) and a career (long term). Read What Shoes Will You Wear?

Future career activity: write/draw/share

May: Character trait: Self-discipline: Training and control of yourself. Social skill: Compliments

Career Day speakers